Shriners Children's Open

Friday, October 7, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Robby Shelton

Quick Quotes

Q. Pretty impressive round. You must be pretty pumped.

ROBBY SHELTON: Yeah, it was a good day. Started out on the back nine, which was the easier side, and got off to a hot start, 4-under through six or seven. Then made a good putt on 18 for birdie, got me to 5-under, and I just kept it rolling on the front.

Q. Just the one mistake over the two days. What's been the key to playing this well?

ROBBY SHELTON: The ball striking has been really good, but today I put my trusty putter back in the bag. She made a lot of putts for me today.

Q. I was going to say the stats say you had a big day on the greens. You put in a new putter just today, an old one?

ROBBY SHELTON: It's my normal putter. I just threw in a two ball yesterday just to change things up. I have my Rossi back in the bag. It's what I played with all on Korn Ferry this year. So it's been good.

Q. How long were you into the yesterday's round before you decided to put the old one back in the bag?

ROBBY SHELTON: Around 12 or 13. I told my caddie this one doesn't feel the same.

Q. Obviously you're going to keep that one in the bag for the rest of the week.


Q. Tell us obviously you're about to go into the weekend on TOUR in the final group on Saturday. Have you had a chance to think about what that's going to be like?

ROBBY SHELTON: Not really. I wanted the birdie on the final hole just to get me in the final group, just to get one shot closer. I'm playing with Mito. It will be a fun day.

Q. He said that you caddied for Jack Maguire at first stage. He wants to know how that came about and how that went.

ROBBY SHELTON: Jack Maguire is a good buddy of mine. He was playing Mobile, my own course I grew up on, his first stage. I wanted to get him through and help him out.

Just I like caddieing. I like caddieing for my buddies. I went and did it. It was tough. I like being on this side of the ropes.

Q. How different is it? Did you make any blunders or anything silly like that?

ROBBY SHELTON: Nothing silly. I just talked to him the whole time and kept it fun. Those four days can be a grind. It was just a lot of fun caddieing for my friend.

Q. Was that what it was about, give you a bit of a break and keep the grind of what that is out of his mind as well?

ROBBY SHELTON: For sure. I think caddieing every now and then is a good thing because you get to see how people react to shots and stuff like that. You're kind of -- you know, you want to hit the shot for him, but it's just a different mindset caddieing, and you kind of have to have that perspective sometimes when you're the player.

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