Shriners Children's Open

Saturday, October 8, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Tom Kim

Quick Quotes

Q. Obviously put yourself in a great position, 8-under on your last 11 holes. You must be very happy where you're put yourself.

TOM KIM: Definitely. I've played really solid today. I took care of what I really needed to take care of on this golf course and just needing a good round to give myself a chance on Sunday really because I'm really happy with myself just keeping it tight.

Q. When you start out there and you can see on the boards that Cantlay has had six threes to start and you only had the one birdie in that stretch, did you get to a point where you thought, I've got to get a hammer on?

TOM KIM: No, I just told myself let's play my own game. I accidentally took a glance at it, but I was kind of coming through a stretch of birdies, so I just told myself, well, let's just kind of focus on what I need to do right now. Obviously, like I said, I don't really want -- it would be ideal if you could just kind of keep it in tight and not having such a big margin off with a lead. Just kind of happy that I gave myself a chance on Sunday.

Q. You've been kind of measured so far because it's an individual event, but you've got a potential shootout with Patrick tomorrow and some other guys will be trying to chase you down. How excited are you for the challenge?

TOM KIM: Yeah, this course is very, very scorable so you've got to play good golf. You've got to make a lot of birdies. Anyone is in this really. It's not just me and Patrick. There's a lot of guys who can still play well and win it. Just kind of stick to my own game plan. I've been doing well for the past three days, and just hopefully have one more good round on Sunday and have a good finish.

Q. The scores dropped a lot lower today. There were a lot of 62s, 63s, and then Patrick, of course. Were the pins in easier spots or are you guys used to the conditions now?

TOM KIM: I think getting used to it, yes, that's one, but also the pins were very gettable today. There were some pins where you kind of need to be just a little bit disciplined with it, but if you had good numbers you could take some pins on.

I think for me, as well, I had a few good numbers and I had a few good pins I could go at, so a few good birdies there. That's why I had a good round.

Q. What does it say to you that you can shoot 62 and not be the low score of the day?

TOM KIM: That's how good these guys are, right? That just shows you how good everyone is out here.

Q. Have you thought about what your celebration could be on the 72nd hole if you were to win?

TOM KIM: No, this is a little different. That's just -- that's match play and you can have fun with it, but a lot of golf left to be played.

Q. I'm guessing you would welcome the chance with a putt on that hole, on 18, to win --

TOM KIM: I would love it, yeah. It would be great.

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