Shriners Children's Open

Sunday, October 9, 2022

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Harry Hall

Quick Quotes

Q. Another good round, 7-under today. What was working so well for you out there?

HARRY HALL: Drove it really well today. I hit a few more fairways and holed a few more putts from 10 to 20 feet. That was the difference. I've been pretty close all week, but yeah, just to roll one in and not to make any bogeys today was nice.

Q. Not sure if you will end up in the top 10, but you are right now, and did last year, obviously, as well. What is it about this tournament and the golf course? Obviously you're very familiar with it, but it brings out the best in your game it seems.

HARRY HALL: Yeah, I'm hoping I'll be in the top 20 by the end of the day. That would be nice.

Just playing the golf course so much and knowing where to hit it, where not to hit it. I think this course allows for some room off the tee, and I just kept my game plan like I always did in college and through just playing socially around TPC, just hit a lot of drivers and Patrick Cantlay said the same thing yesterday, he was hitting a lot of drivers, and I didn't lay up once on a par-4 and kind of stuck to my guns, and used to drivers this week, one to draw it and one to fade it, so I kind of had a good club for every par-4, and just drove it really well today.

I think that was a good solid day for me.

Q. This was the round you were looking for for the last three days; no mistakes and just kind of in control? That's what you talked about on Friday that you needed to do, something like this. Was that the game plan coming in?

HARRY HALL: Yeah, I think I averaged three bogeys a day before today. I'm not sure how many birdies I made. I think I made five and a double.

When you're aggressive, you're going to make a few bogeys if you miss a fairway, and that's kind of what I did the first three days. But with this game plan, if I drive it like I did today for a couple more days, then I'll probably be around the hunt and teeing off a little later today.

Q. I know we talked early in the week that this is a marathon and not a sprint, but to get a good finish under your belt now to start the season, does this kind of reset your mind?

HARRY HALL: I think it's great timing for me as a PGA TOUR player to have the Shriners, my home event, so early on in the season, just to get a good start, and I think I needed it. I missed the cut in Napa, and I missed the cut at the Sanderson Farms.

Yeah, to hopefully have a good result this week and finish in the top 20 hopefully will put me on the board in the FedExCup, and I can -- I think I'll be in Bermuda and a few more events this fall. Hopefully I can keep the ball rolling there.

Q. Bermuda is the next stop, correct?

HARRY HALL: Bermuda for me, yeah.

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