Shriners Children's Open

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Luke List

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: Like to welcome Luke List, winner of last week's Sanderson Farms Championship into the interview room here at the Shriners Children's Open.

Luke, congratulations again on the win. If you could just walk us through what the last 48 hours has been like since that dramatic win in the five-man playoff.

LUKE LIST: Yeah obviously it was unexpected there at the end of regulation, but to get in the playoff and then obviously to come off on top was fantastic.

So it's been a whirlwind since then. We kept our original travel plans to Vegas, so up early with the kids and did our flight through Dallas and got here Monday and kind of took today off and just hung out with them.

Yesterday got some good prep in on the course. Course looks great. And then pro-am this morning.

Q. And moving up to No. 61 in the FedEx fall standings, what does this do for you knowing that that 51 to 60 at the end the fall is a big number for you?

LUKE LIST: It's kind of everything. That was the goal starting the fall in Napa, was to try to get myself in position, which I've done. I've got some work to do.

So this week is a good opportunity to kind of reset and try to get myself in contention on Sunday.

Q. I think you were 6th in strokes gained putting last week, which obviously has been an on and off struggle for you in that part of your bag. Anything you found that has been working really putting-wise the last couple weeks?

LUKE LIST: Yeah, I was telling my caddie it was fun to compete not feeling I had my A-game tee-to-green. Putter definitely kept me in it and obviously the playoff.

So I've put in some work with Cameron McCormick on the greens, and he's really changed my perspective on a few things mentally and just my grip with using the claw grip.

And that started in June, Travelers, and I was out for a few months. Did some good work in Napa and obviously last week did some good work, too. I really enjoy his presence and his demeanor, and he's really good at keeping you focused in the time you're together and inspires some confidence.

It's easy to see why some of his players have done really well over the years.

Q. Just mentally when you have been one of the best tee-to-green players on tour statistically but you have that issue on the greens, is it frustrating to not see the putts fall in? You can speak mentally how that challenge has been.

LUKE LIST: Yeah, you said it. It's definitely been challenging over the course of my career feeling like if I put here, putt there. Maybe in contention, make the cut, have a good Saturday. I never felt like I was a bad putter, but statistically I was, and you lose confidence based on you don't know which person is going to show up, the guy who is going to make a few or miss a few.

That's the biggest thing is I don't need to be a No. 1 putter. I think statistically if I can just be better than average I'm going to have a really good opportunity to play well. I think that freeing myself up to think that way instead of being like, okay, I have to be the best putter has helped my mindset.

Q. And coming here, obviously you win and then you're here the next start. What enticed you about continuing to play this week, not take the week off? Something about the course?

LUKE LIST: Bunch of factors. Yeah, just committing it my schedule, committing to the tournament.

Q. Does this course turn into a putting contest because of the conditions?

LUKE LIST: To a degree for sure. I think the par-5s are gettable and you got to kind of score on those holes, and I think it's just avoiding some big numbers, and then some of the par-3s are tricky so I think just giving yourself the opportunities when they come about and then, yeah, the greens are really in good shape.

It's just I think sometimes they can be a little tricky to read. So just staying patient and trusting your reads is important.

Q. To change course, just to talk about the fall series, what do you think of the changes to the schedule, and what the TOUR has done with those fall events?

LUKE LIST: Yeah, it is what it is. I don't think there is much say we have in it. I agree with a few things. I like the aspect that it gives the guys opportunity to get in those elevated events and secure their card.

That being said, I understand what's driving the decisions as far as the top guys wanting to feel like they have an off-season, a true off-season, which doesn't really exist in our sport.

For those guys, given the luxury, they've earned it to be able to take some time off and recharge. But I still feel like in my opinion, some of the elevated events, if not all, should be 120 fields with a cut if you want.

But I still feel like there is room for that market and guys that are in the 70 to 120 category should be allowed to play those events.

Q. From a fan aspect, do you think these fall events without the -- I mean, you get a sprinkling of the top players in these. Do you think it's something that the fans should get treated to, more of the top players?

LUKE LIST: Yeah, I think the game is in a fantastic spot right now and there is a lot of transaction with the top players and then you have the Netflix series and you have a lot of people that are come to go the game that weren't previously tied to it.

So obviously the driving force behind the TOUR are the top players but I feel like there is a lot of cool storylines that come about this fall, myself included.

A lot of journeymen and young guys looking to keep their card, win for the first time, overcome adversity. A lot of the different storylines, and I think that if it's spun the right way it can be really special where the fall becomes where the fans can enjoy learning about some different players than the top guys.

Q. Congrats on the win.

LUKE LIST: Thank you.

Q. I wanted to ask about Lexi Thompson being in the field this week, your thoughts on her playing with you guys.

LUKE LIST: Yeah I've played with Lexi one time before in the Shark Shootout in Naples, and she's obviously one of the top American women of our generation.

To see her compete, always seems like she's maybe struggled a little bit as of recent but had a Hall of Fame career. I know she really moves the needle with young girls and that's phenomenal.

Any chance for her to play with the guys and show her stuff, I think she'll have a great week.

Q. Speaking as a girl dad, how important is it to just see these female role models come onto a bigger stage like the PGA TOUR?

LUKE LIST: Yeah, you know, it's everything. I think that there is is much room for growth in the women's game, and continued in our game, too. But for them, just having that opportunity to -- on the biggest stage to show their skills, even her just teeing it up is a success without whatever she shoots.

I know she'll handle it well. Just crossing those barriers is really important and I think that just the tournament being progressive and giving her the opportunity is really cool.

Q. Last question: Does your daughter watch a lot of golf or know any female golfers, look up to any of them?

LUKE LIST: Yeah, not quite yet. She's obviously obsessed with trophies and enjoy that aspect of it. It's cool to have her being excited for me and being excited in the moment.

She's enjoying playing golf. We kind of got her some clubs and her and her little girlfriends and the dads all go out. They enjoy driving the golf cart more than the golf I think. That's part of it.

I think that just learning the game. Like who cares if she does anything with it. Just knowing the game at a young age I think is really important for the young females and everybody.

THE MODERATOR: All right, Luke. Those are all the questions we have. Thank you very much for your time.

LUKE LIST: Thanks, guys. On.

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