Shriners Children's Open

Thursday, October 12, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Beau Hossler

Quick Quotes

Q. 9-under for the opening round. How would you characterize it?

BEAU HOSSLER: Yeah, it was good. I felt like I did everything well. I imagine statistically I was probably gaining strokes in every department, which is obviously a good thing for my confidence moving forward.

Got the ball in play, hit some really nice wedges to close range, which was nice, and took advantage of the par-5s and the drivable hole, which I think out here is kind of the key.

Q. I believe at 3M you had another low round. Where have you felt most comfortable in your game?

BEAU HOSSLER: My wedge play is starting to get really good, inside probably 140. I feel like I can hit it in there tight or have a very nice look pretty much every time, and that was something I was struggling with for a few years. That's been significantly improved. I think driving, if I can just get it in play, I hit it long enough, if I can get in the fairway and get some looks, especially a course like this that's playing pretty firm and fast, if you get it in the fairway, you can get a lot of wedge looks, and par-5s you get right around the green in two.

There's plenty of opportunity out there. I think we kind of got lucky with the draw, to be honest. This morning looked pretty cold and blustery, and it's rare that the afternoon is calmer, but it felt pretty calm on the back nine.

Fortunate there. I've been on the other side of that too many times. I don't feel bad for them.

Q. Like you mentioned, windy in the morning and opportunities are out there for scoring. Is that something you like with your game, when there are kind of those birdie, eagle opportunities and scores are low?

BEAU HOSSLER: Yeah, I would say historically I've performed better on hard golf courses. Not that this isn't. But I think out here you'll see some low scores this week for sure, especially if the wind lays down. The greens are rolling pretty darned good.

With that said, since my wedge play is so much improved, I do think I can take advantage of easier golf courses now. Like I said, if I can get it in play in the fairway the rest of the week, I like my chances of having some good scoring opportunities, but that's kind of the key, especially with Bermuda rough. It's really hard to control the distance, so you've got to keep it in the short grass.

Q. You've had a solid start to the FedExCup Fall. What is the pressure and motivation for the next couple events in the fall?

BEAU HOSSLER: Obviously I was pretty disappointed not to finish in the top 50 after the Playoffs. With that said, I think my game right now is as good as it's been in years, which is exciting.

To be honest, I don't really think there's any pressure. There's guys out here playing for their card. That would be pressure. Finishing 52 or 65 or whatever is effectively -- that's a couple tournaments in the spring, obviously, but I'm just out here trying to compete, get better, and win golf tournaments. It provides an opportunity to do that, and seems like out here if you play well, things kind of take care of themselves.

Q. You kind of touched on this a little, but when you're trying to get that first win, you need a few breaks. Do you think getting this afternoon draw is a break you can look at?

BEAU HOSSLER: I guess I'll let you know tomorrow after we play in the morning and if it's not windy, but assuming that it isn't particularly difficult in the morning, then yeah, for sure.

With that said, almost every week there's a disparity between early-late and late-early. This week potentially could be a little more. But it's far from the grossest difference I've seen. I've seen some very, very significant ones.

Like I said, I've been on the bad side, I've been on the good side. At this point there's no use in complaining about it one way or the other. When you get a good one, try and take advantage.

Q. Can you talk about 17; are you happy with the shot?

BEAU HOSSLER: You know what, I'm happy with the commitment. I decided what shot I wanted to hit. I made a good committed golf swing and I pulled it five yards left and it went in the water. It's not the end of the world. It's a really hard hole. Anytime you can make a 3 there, you're thrilled. I knew if it hit the bank and went in the water, I was likely just going to make a 4.

Like I said, if I hadn't been committed and hit it in the water, I would have been very upset. I made a good swing and just pulled it five yards.

Q. Have you had similar results out here before? Have you had success on this course at all?

BEAU HOSSLER: Yeah, I have. I think I was in the final group maybe my rookie year on Sunday, finished maybe like sixth.

But I've always felt pretty comfortable here. I think if I can get it in play off the tee -- there's some pretty dicey driving holes, especially on the front nine. If you can keep it out of the junk and get some looks, like I said, clearly you can shoot pretty low if you keep the ball in front of you and get some wedges from the fairway. I think that's what I've done today.

I think I've done a fairly good job of it in the past, and I feel good out here.

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