Shriners Children's Open

Thursday, October 12, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Cameron Champ

Quick Quotes

Q. Cam, really good round out of you today. Just kind of describe it for us.

CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, I just felt in control of really just my head, my emotions, my thoughts. It was just kind of a free-spirited round. Drove it well, ironed it well, putted it very well. I'm reading them good this week. Feel like I kind of have a grasp on that. So yeah, it was just a nice, as non-stressful a round as I've had in a while, and we'll just keep trying to do that.

Q. It comes off a good week you had last week at Sanderson. Is there anything you've found in the last couple weeks?

CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, more just personal. I think just -- I'm just in a way better head space, more free spirited. Just kind of loving myself out there, having fun, and just enjoying the ups and downs.

I think prior, I was just getting in my way. Honestly probably really the last two years. Finally kind of started officially getting help with that, and it's just recently that I've finally accepted it and have to do something about it.

Again, it's a start, and obviously for me when I feel just a little bit relieved and I can just go play my game, I know what I'm capable of. Again, today I think it kind of showed that -- then really I'm just going to go about my day the next three days or tomorrow the same way, no matter if I shoot 80 or I shoot another 63.

Again, it's a lot less stressful out there. The game is already hard enough, so don't want to make it any harder.

Q. Was there like a breaking point where you said, hey, I need to change my mindset, I need to figure this thing out?

CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, it's been for a while now. I've just kind of been in denial about it. Finally kind of some of my team -- not really pulled me aside, but we kind of just had a talk, like okay, it's time to do something.

Like I said, again, it's more so just enjoying myself out here, having fun with it, because again, if you're not having fun or enjoying what you're doing, there's no point to do it.

Q. When you have played well this year, you've rattled off a few top 10s. Seems like when you do make the cut, it kind of snowballs into a really good week. Could you pinpoint why when you are in it you get yourself up there?

CAMERON CHAMP: I think all of us thrive for that. If we're playing well, we want to give it our all, and we don't want to lose. I just think for me, when I get in that situation and I'm playing well and I'm putting it well and everything is kind of where it should be, again, everything just kind of is like a green light almost.

Like I said, today was just a nice -- it was as stress-free of a round as I've had in a while, and again, it's nice to see the progress.

Q. You need to have some good breaks to win a tournament out here. Do you think being in the afternoon draw is one of those big breaks this week, considering what they went through this morning with the wind?

CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, definitely. Obviously this morning it was blowing a little bit more. We had it, I guess, probably the first -- I would say after nine it started to die down some. But obviously, again, in the morning it's a little bit chilly, windy. It's a lot different than being mid 70s and blowing.

Yeah, I think obviously being afternoon today was probably a slight advantage, but again, out here it's not much. Again, if guys are playing well, they're going to play well no matter what, and like you said, it was just nice to take advantage of the day today.

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