Shriners Children's Open

Friday, October 13, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Alex Noren

Quick Quotes

Q. Alex, good playing, 65. If we can just get an opening comment on the round.

ALEX NOREN: Yeah, it was a weird round. I made some putts, missed a lot of opportunities, but like 6-under I'm happy with.

Yesterday I played probably better tee to green. Today it was a little bit trickier, my game.

But overall I'm pretty happy.

Q. You hit it really close at 18. Could you just walk us through that shot?

ALEX NOREN: Yeah, it was a pretty good number. I had just hit 9-iron on 17, but it was a little different shot. I hit a draw in there. Here you have to cut it off a side slope, and I managed to do it and put it to like two feet.

Q. Can you tell me how the course conditions are changing? How is it different today than yesterday? What do you expect on the weekend?

ALEX NOREN: Yeah, the course condition is pretty similar this morning to afternoon yesterday. It was sort of a little bit wetter this morning than the afternoon.

There are some tricky -- like over the green on 5 or something, the par-5 -- 4 maybe -- stuff like that, I think last year there was rough behind there and now it sort of shoots off. A few shots are pretty tricky. But overall no wind today, perfect conditions, it doesn't play that hard today. But yesterday afternoon in the middle of the round -- in the beginning of the round it was pretty windy, and it gets pretty bouncy off the greens, too.

Q. If the weekend stays calm, what's the game plan?

ALEX NOREN: You just have to play well, hit the fairways, hit it close and take advantage. Just trying to gear up the game for the weekend.

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