Shriners Children's Open

Friday, October 13, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Luke List

Quick Quotes

Q. You kept it rolling from Sanderson; good rounds. How are you feeling with your game?

LUKE LIST: Yeah, bogey-free around here was nice. We caught a phenomenal draw. The late-early, definite advantage. You know you play long enough, you're going to get some good draws and some bad ones. I knew coming into yesterday with the wind dying down and then today not much wind, I wanted to keep going.

Unfortunately I didn't quite have it today. Missed some putts on my back nine, but overall, 9-under, I'll take it.

Q. Like you said, winds died down. For the weekend, it's looking like birdie opportunities are out there. Is that what you like with courses like this, kind of similar to Sanderson?

LUKE LIST: Yeah, if I can keep driving it well, then there's a lot of opportunities out there, especially the par-5s. Just being patient. Obviously after last week your expectations are high, but I feel like I'm rested and ready to go for this weekend.

Q. You mentioned driving; is that where you're feeling most confident in your game?

LUKE LIST: Yeah, I didn't actually drive it as well last week, but I'm driving it way better this week. If I can just keep it in front of me, get some wedges a little closer and give myself some opportunities, I'll be in good shape.

Q. Tired yet or still going off adrenaline?

LUKE LIST: Yeah, I was a little fatigued today, unfortunately, but that's part of it. Looking forward to getting a rest this afternoon.

Q. Is there anything to the theory of having a good group pushing each other along because you guys all played pretty well.

LUKE LIST: Yeah, I always enjoy playing with Nick and Tom. I think Tom kind of rallied at the end there, and Nick has played really solid throughout the last few days. Hopefully all three of us are up there on the weekend late on Sunday.

Q. It's pretty crowded there at the top right now, which isn't a surprise on a Friday, but what does that mean for the weekend? Do you have to aim to really go low?

LUKE LIST: Yeah, I think so. As far as the course, it yields a lot of birdies, but I think Cameron is playing really well at the top, and I think that if I can just keep my head down and concentrate on what I'm doing, then I'll be in better shape.

Q. I know you touched on this earlier in the week, but Lexi, looks like she may make the cut. She's right on the line, inside it now. Thoughts on if that were to happen?

LUKE LIST: It's unbelievable. Is she 4-under on the day? She's incredible. I played with her a long time ago at the Shark Shootout, and she obviously transcends the game. It's really cool to see her playing well, and to make the cut would be historic for sure.

Q. What does that do for growing the game?

LUKE LIST: Yeah, I mean, for young women all over the world, especially the U.S., just looking up to someone like that and seeing them come out and beat some of the guys, hopefully there will be some girls that will learn to play the game and then continue to develop and set their goals really high because of Lexi.

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