Shriners Children's Open

Friday, October 13, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Cameron Champ

Quick Quotes

Q. Cameron, another solid round to back up obviously the low one yesterday. How was it out there for you today?

CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, obviously got off to a great start, but still was kind of just -- my swing really wasn't there today. We kind of figured out at the end it was a ball position deal, kind of throwing my rhythm off, and I was, not forcing it, but kind of -- it just didn't feel right. But like I said, with the way I felt like I was hitting it, I was just able to score.

Again, that's the main thing. I feel like today I turned an even par, 1-under, at least coming down the stretch into a 4-under, which was crucial. Besides that, my game feels good. Off the tee, irons, everything felt great. It's just one of those days in golf.

Q. You talked to us yesterday about trying to figure out the mental side of the game a little bit more. Is maybe that middle of the round the type of stuff a year ago or earlier this season where you wouldn't have been able to get it back on track with a birdie late or would have spiraled a little bit more but you were able to stay positive and keep it going out there?

CAMERON CHAMP: I think so, yeah. It didn't feel off, but it wasn't going the way I wanted it to go.

Yeah, I definitely think in the past, I might have gave up one or two more and just really out of frustration in myself. Again, I've just been taking it easy on myself. This game is hard. Whenever you're struggling, if you can stay positive and just try to stick to what you're doing, no matter what, and that's all I was trying to do, just have a good tempo all day, and after that, it is what it is.

Q. You found yourself before kind of working on that side just getting too overly frustrated at results?

CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, it wasn't really even at results, it was mainly at myself. I feel like I was my worst enemy.

Again, I don't really think it had anything to do with results-based, I would just take it out on myself, and again, with this game, that can be not good.

Like I said, just trying to just enjoy the positives and negatives out there, as hard as it can be sometimes, and just fight until the last hole. Like I said, I feel like I did that well that back side.

Q. Does it feel more fun to come to the course when you're playing like this and you put two rounds together and you feel better mentally?

CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, I do. And even if I didn't, it's just been more enjoyable. It's all a mindset. You can convince yourself of one thing and you can convince yourself of another. It's just a matter of what you want to believe. That's just really what I've been trying to emphasize.

Q. You said something interesting over there that if you don't enjoy what you're doing, it's hard to do it well. Is that a new revelation to you or is it just the new mindset to accept that?

CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, I think it's something I've been trying to grasp around for a while. I just never really allow myself to do that. I've had conversations with my wife, with my coach. I'm just like, if I don't enjoy it, why do it. For me, I knew there had to be a change because I wasn't enjoying myself, didn't want to be out here, and again, I've loved the game forever. It's given me everything. So I know it's not that I don't love the game. It's just I'm taking it out on myself.

Again, for me it's just being more positive, being more put the work in, and just dig deep. That's all we can do. Just kind of believe in myself a little more. I know what I'm capable of when I'm free spirited. It's been at home for the last probably year and a half.

Like I said, I'm just trying to just stay on that path, and no matter what I shoot the next two days, I'm excited for the opportunity. But same deal; if I don't play well, it is what it is.

Q. Speaking about the next two days, pretty crowded leaderboard at this point which isn't a surprise on a Friday. What do you need to do to separate yourself on the weekend?

CAMERON CHAMP: I think just stick to my game plan. If I hit it somewhere in the middle of what I did on Thursday and today, I think I'll be fine. I'm putting it very well inside 12, 15 feet, driving it very well. For me, if I can take advantage of the par-5s again the next two days, that kind of sets me up.

Again, this course, I'm comfortable with it, I love the layout, and yeah, just going to keep doing what I'm doing.

Q. The other story this week obviously is Lexi. She's on the verge of making the cut. She's right on the line.


Q. What are your thoughts on what that would mean for the women's game and golf in general if she were to make a cut here?

CAMERON CHAMP: Yeah, it's big. There hasn't been a woman play in a PGA TOUR event for quite a while, and especially out here. It's a lot longer, probably slightly different conditions than what they play on, and yeah, I just think for the women's game, it just inspires those other young girls that are watching her just to help grow the game in women's golf. Definitely think it's huge.

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