Shriners Children's Open

Friday, October 13, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Henrik Norlander

Quick Quotes

Q. Henrik, good playing, 7-under 64 today. If we can just get an opening comment on the round and the eagle at 9.

HENRIK NORLANDER: Yeah, I got pretty lucky on 9. I hit it just right rough and then tried to cut a 5-wood and tried to hit it just left of the green and got a really nice soft right bounce and just rolled that green to about 12 feet, 10 feet, made it. Played really solid. 5-under through 7 and had a decent look at 17, and then I hit some bad tee shots on 18, 1 and 2, got lucky on 2, great up-and-down on 1 but got lucky, stayed away from the desert and almost made birdie.

Overall it was really good. Good short game, good putting, everything felt pretty solid.

Q. Are you battling any exhaustion after last week?

HENRIK NORLANDER: No, it's a lot easier to play good golf compared to bad golf. I've been playing bad golf for two years, so this is quite fun. It doesn't take much energy to make birdies.

Q. You and Luke both playing well this week; is it similarities in the course at all, or is it just that you guys played well last week and you're just keeping it going with positive momentum?

HENRIK NORLANDER: I mean, I just think we had two weeks at home after Napa and played a lot of golf together, and I think we both have sort of -- we help each other a lot.

We've both been playing pretty well at home, so I think we both felt pretty confident going to Jackson, and Luke got me there, and it's just fun to have a really, really close friend that's playing well. It's for sure inspiring me.

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