Shriners Children's Open

Friday, October 13, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Trevor Werbylo

Quick Quotes

Q. Through the first two rounds, quite the grouping, having Lexi Thompson. What was it like with the crowds yesterday and today?

TREVOR WERBYLO: Yeah, it was cool. It was fun. Obviously there was a pretty big crowd kind of following her, so that brought some good energy to the group. She played great. It was fun to watch.

I mean, we were kind of rooting for her the last few holes to maybe make a birdie or two to make the cut, but it was fun. She was great, her game was great, and the crowd was awesome.

Q. For you, I'm sure you would have liked to make that one on the last, but you've put yourself in contention through two days. How have you been playing?

TREVOR WERBYLO: Yeah, kind of similar story both rounds. I hit it really good and just been missing a lot of short putts, which is frustrating, but if I can kind a little bit of confidence on the greens I'm hitting it good enough to give myself a chance on the weekend. A lot of positives, but yeah, a little frustrated, too.

Q. What did you make of Lexi's game? We saw her power on some of those holes.

TREVOR WERBYLO: Yeah, I was impressed. She hits the ball really good. Yeah, it was fun seeing her make a run today. All in all, I'd say very, very impressed.

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