Shriners Children's Open

Saturday, October 14, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Callum Tarren

Quick Quotes

Q. Quite a round by you and Isaiah. Take us through how it felt out there.

CALLUM TARREN: Yeah, I mean, we just fed off each other, really. He birdied 1, and I birdied 2, 3, 4, 5, and then he threw a couple of birdies in, and I think I turned in 6-under, which is pretty impressive, and kept it going the back nine. Got fortunate a couple of times with a couple of poor tee shots, but yeah, we just fed off each other. It was super fun. I said to him on 18, this has been a good day for us both. It's just crazy. But the momentum was on our side today, and to produce 9- and 8-under is pretty good going.

Q. There is something to that when your playing partner is playing well, that it just kind of spurs you on?

CALLUM TARREN: I think so. I think it's to do with like pace of play almost. I think we only waited once, which was the third hole. There was some problems down on the right there from the group in front. But we were just in a good pace and making birdies and playing holes pretty quickly in twosomes. We flew around there, and especially with the scores we shot, it just felt like we were out there for a few hours.

Q. Did you make a change recently with the putter, with the grip?

CALLUM TARREN: Yeah, I actually about, I would say, eight weeks ago, eight events ago, seven events ago, I switched to that 2-Ball blade. It was my garage at home, and I picked it up, and I had never used it. I was like, this seems nice. So I brought that back out, and I was clawing for a long time and switched to conventional, and after the first round this week, I went back to the claw because I didn't make anything in round 1 and actually hit it -- I think I was stroked gained 2 tee to green round 1, so that could have been a ridiculous round, as well, but just didn't make anything. So made the switch to the claw, it feels today, and today everything just went in.

Q. When you woke up this morning did you think there was a 62 in you?

CALLUM TARREN: If I'm being truthfully honest, yes, because I've played some great golf these last few weeks. I played great in round 1, just didn't make anything. I feel as though I'm in control of my game at the moment.

It's always nice to shoot 62, but you've still got to do it. It's all good thinking about it, but you've actually got to hit the golf shots, make the putts. Just proud of the round today.

Q. 17 looked like a really good shot, and I can't believe that went in the water. What was your perspective on it?

CALLUM TARREN: Yeah, I probably landed it four or five yards left of where I wanted to, but when it landed and it kind of started trickling and then it looked like it stopped to us guys on the tee, and then obviously hearing the crowds, it's rolled in, which is disappointing, but I actually don't feel as though I put a bad swing on it. Probably landed it four yards left of where I wanted it to. If it lands four yards right, it probably trickles down right next to the hole. But it's quite severe on that left side. I've seen a few guys do that this week. Yeah, just got to be more disciplined and hit it right of the flag.

Q. At least you bounced back after that.

CALLUM TARREN: Yeah, that's what my caddie said. He said, let's go make birdie on 18 and finish the day off, and I managed to do that.

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