Shriners Children's Open

Saturday, October 14, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Joel Dahmen

Quick Quotes

Q. This morning you tweeted that someone else could come play your back nine. Are you glad you played it?

JOEL DAHMEN: I am glad. Terrible three-putt par on 9. Didn't have anything going today. Made par on 10. I told Geno, I'm done; I'm impatient and I'm grumpy, and then good things happened. Made a good birdie on 11 and hooped an 8-iron on 12 and made an eagle on 15, and all of a sudden I was pretty happy I played the back nine.

Q. Highlighted by two eagles and on par-4s; walk me through those.

JOEL DAHMEN: Yeah, Geno and I joked, we were going back this calendar year, I don't think I had made an eagle until Friday. I chipped in on 15. The drivable 15 is a great one for me. A lot of guys have to hit 3-wood or driver. It's a good driver for me and it just worked out. Hit it hole high.

Then on 12 with the 8-iron, it's a really greasy pin back there next to the water. I hit a great shot. I even told Geno I hit it perfect and played off the slope, and we didn't expect it to go in, obviously, but when it does, it's a huge bonus.

Q. Where are you feeling most confident about your game going into tomorrow's round?

JOEL DAHMEN: I'm hitting it really well. My putter is a joke right now. It's tough to shoot 7-under with bad putting, but I managed to do that. I'm hitting it great. I'm in the fairway a lot. My irons are pretty dialed in. If I can make some putts, it would be a great Sunday.

Q. Any plans for the afternoon or score predictions?

JOEL DAHMEN: Huge game for Washington. I think we're down one right now, 15-14 so I'm going to get behind a TV, probably ditch the kid for a couple hours. I don't have a plan; I'm just going to get to a TV and check it out.

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