Shriners Children's Open

Saturday, October 14, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Taylor Pendrith

Quick Quotes

Q. Good playing today. Want to summarize the round, how it went for you?

TAYLOR PENDRITH: Yeah, it was good. Drove it really well again. If you drive it well here, you've got a lot of wedges in your hand, and hit some good ones, a couple close ones. Took advantage of the par-5s, and 15, the drivable hole, was able to two-putt from the front edge.

Yeah, solid. Putter was good. I saw some putts go in on the back nine, which is always nice.

Q. Do you get the feeling the Canadian Open has broken out here?

TAYLOR PENDRITH: Seems like it, yeah. It's good to see.

Q. Is there anything about this course that compares to Canadian courses that is causing you guys to play so well?

TAYLOR PENDRITH: Not where I'm from. But yeah, I don't know. I feel like I really enjoy this place. I've had some nice rounds. I haven't had a great tournament here, but I've had some nice rounds here in the past and always look forward to coming here. Just kind of feel comfortable on the golf course, I guess.

Day one here was really tricky with the wind and just hung in there and have played really nice golf the last two days.

Q. Did you have the morning Thursday?

TAYLOR PENDRITH: Yeah. It was tricky.

Q. What's the mindset tomorrow knowing that there have been a lot of 62s, 63s today? Someone is going to have to go low. What's the mindset?

TAYLOR PENDRITH: Yeah, just more of the same, try and enjoy it and have fun. I've had three weeks off, and I feel rested and excited to play golf again, which is good. Just keep doing the same thing, and you're going to have to take it low. I think the weather is supposed to be perfect, so go out there, take care of the par-5s and have good speed on the greens, and hopefully some of them drop.

Q. As someone hanging around the bubble, why did you decide to play Vegas and not play Mississippi?

TAYLOR PENDRITH: My wife's sister was getting married that week, and I like that golf course, but I had to be there, wanted to be there. Yeah, it was a great day. It was nice to be home. Spent some time with some family, and that's the only reason. Excited to come here and play, and I'm playing the next three, so looking forward to it.

Q. The fall schedule is full; you're going to grind unless you take care of business one of these days?

TAYLOR PENDRITH: Yeah, I really like the Bermuda golf course and really like the RSM. Obviously nobody has played the Mexico course, so I've been looking forward to those. Probably would have played them regardless of what happened this year.

Yeah, game feels good. I'm just excited to play, and I'll be there.

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