Shriners Children's Open

Sunday, October 15, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Eric Cole

Quick Quotes

Q. Do you take positives away from a 62, or do you think about 15 and 16, not scoring there?

ERIC COLE: Yeah, it would have been nice. But I wasn't really near the lead or anything starting the day. So to be in a position later in the day where I felt like if I had a really crazy finish, I would have had a chance to win would have been -- was something I would have been happy with this morning.

Q. What was working today overall?

ERIC COLE: Yeah, everything was pretty good. 62, typically things aren't out of sorts. I switched back to my old putter today, and I definitely putted a little better.

I played okay the first three days, but ball-striking was a little better today and had my putter, so that helped.

Q. You obviously have status locked up, Signature Events locked up. You're playing next week in ZOZO. What kind of motivates you to keep coming back every week?

ERIC COLE: I mean, I think a lot of it is I played a lot of years with not being able to play the PGA TOUR, so any chance I get to compete in a tournament, I'm really thankful for and am really happy to be out here playing.

As long as I'm healthy and feeling good, I definitely like to play as much as I can.

Q. Leaders are just about to make the turn. You're up one at this point. Does that feel like in your head something that's going to hold up?

ERIC COLE: No, the back nine -- what is it, starting at the par-5, 13, I think, those next four or five holes are all very, very birdieable, so those guys will go on a little bit of a run I'm sure. Like I said, I was not really anywhere near the lead starting the day, so to be a little close to it for a second there on the back nine was fun.

Q. Was there a point there where you felt like, hey, if I birdie out, I've got a chance?

ERIC COLE: Yeah, I think 15, if I could have birdied 15, and then 16, if I would have hit a better drive, I feel like if I would have got those two, it would have maybe changed things a little bit. But like I said, I was happy to be where I was on the back nine, and I wish I could have got a few more.

Q. Do you think much about Rookie of the Year right now? You're probably in the driver's seat for that.

ERIC COLE: Yeah, it's one of those things that kind of comes with continuing to do what I'm doing now. Obviously that would be a huge honor, and it's something that I would like to win. You only get one chance to win that. But it's one of those things where it's the result of doing a lot of other stuff right, so I'm focused on that.

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