Shriners Children's Open

Sunday, October 15, 2023

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

TPC Summerlin

Alex Noren

Quick Quotes

Q. Alex, quite the final round. Right now tied for the lead. Take us through how the day went.

ALEX NOREN: It was a good day. It's been a good tournament tee to green. Had a lot of chances. Made some good putts today and left some out there, but overall I'm happy. The game is a lot better than it sort of has been. Got my coach over here and kind of went back to the old feels and sort of the technique of a little more fade bias. I've been trying to do both, and it hasn't really worked.

Q. Earlier this week I saw you on the range quite a while, practicing, chipping, putting areas. Your coach isn't out here every week --

ALEX NOREN: No, just trying to see him some more and kind of get my old feels.

I've had good coaching in America, too, but it's something with us players. When you have the old feels, it's tough to get away from.

Q. Right now tied for the lead, still some guys on the course, right around that. Just having come and played that stretch that they're about to play, do you feel like 18 has a chance of holding up?

ALEX NOREN: Yeah, I think 18 is probably the trickiest of them all. The tee shot is easy, but then it's just not the easiest pin position. Quite a lot of break, and we had the shadow of the house just on the line, so it kind of -- it's a little bit harder to see maybe.

You've got that par-5, 13, then you've got 15 and 16. Anything can happen.

But I'm hoping for a top 10.

Q. Regardless --


Q. Regardless, it's going to be a good week for you, move you up the standings. Obviously there's that 51 to 60 people are trying to get to for locking up status. How big could this week be for that?

ALEX NOREN: Yeah, I've got four more tournaments, and all I'm looking for is a better game.

I know in the past when I've been on my game, I've had success. With experience, I understand that my game maybe the last few years, I've been too much up and down. It's been two, three months good and then two, three months bad, and just kind of a small roller coaster all the time. It's been too tough playing maybe both curves on the ball and haven't hit enough greens really. That's been the big thing, I think.

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