Sentry Tournament of Champions

Sunday, January 8, 2023

Kapalua, Maui, Hawaii, USA

Plantation Course at Kapalua

J.T. Poston

Quick Quotes

Q. How would you assess how the week went for you?

J.T. POSTON: I mean, I would take a lot of good from how I hit the ball for the most part. Didn't feel like I putted my best overall for four rounds. Had kind of a couple bad tee balls the last couple days that probably cost me a few strokes.

But for the most part I hit it good and gave myself a bunch of pretty good looks. I just couldn't get the ball in the hole it felt like.

Q. What do you feel like you have to work on with your putting maybe early this coming week before Thursday at the Sony?

J.T. POSTON: I just need to get some confidence in it. I don't know if it's anything specific, anything technical or anything like that. I think it's just seeing some balls go in the hole.

It's hard out here. It's grainy and windy. I think the wind's a factor at times and then sometimes it's not. It's just kind of a mental grind trying to commit to a line and a read and let it go.

Q. The Sony, we obviously know, two completely different golf courses. What's the biggest thing you have to adapt to from going to Kapalua to Waialae Country Club?

J.T. POSTON: I think it's just getting used to the lines. Out here I think there's some tee balls where you can kind of just step up and hit it as hard as you can and not really worry about it.

There it's the opposite. You have to be really committed to kind of the shot shape and your line off the tee because it's pretty tight and it can get pretty firm. We'll see when we get there if it's really firm and running or if it's softer.

But for the most part it's just picking your shot and committing to it.

Q. Do you feel that that type of golf suits your game pretty well?

J.T. POSTON: I would say so. I haven't had -- most of my success out here has been on courses that aren't exactly wide open and hit it as far as you possibly can type golf courses. It's more kind of plotting your way around and hitting in the right spots and making a lot of putts.

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