Sentry Tournament of Champions

Sunday, January 8, 2023

Kapalua, Maui, Hawaii, USA

Plantation Course at Kapalua

Tom Hoge

Quick Quotes

Q. How would you assess the week?

TOM HOGE: It was a good week. I came here and didn't really feel like my game was that sharp, but I got a little better each day I felt like.

Still some work to do with the short game. I left a few shots out there on the greens. But overall a good week.

Q. What worked so well for you today?

TOM HOGE: I hit a lot of good iron shots all week. I made a few putts early on that I hadn't made the last few days. Those 15-, 20-footers, I made a couple of those and that got me going.

Q. Switching to Sony. What's the biggest thing that you have to adapt to going from Kapalua to Waialae Country Club?

TOM HOGE: Not a lot. It's nice to be out here, get familiar with the wind, get familiar with this kind of grainy Bermuda grass you have to chip off. I struggled with that a lot this week so that's going to be a focus when I do get there at Sony to practice a little bit.

But it's a nice adjustment. I feel like the game's kind of rounding into form nicely here early in the week. This will be my first time going to Sony having played some golf, so I'm excited to get there.

Q. Do you feel it's a little different because out here it's wide open, but tighter there, you have to work the ball into the fairways a little bit more?

TOM HOGE: For sure. There's a lot of tough tee shots out there where you're fitting not just the shape but also the distance has got to be right on a lot of those doglegs. So tough fairways to hit out there. A lot different than some of the big fairways out here. Still is nice to have some reps heading there.

Q. Big game Monday night. You're going to it. You got a lot of travel. But put your analyst hat on and give me your best analysis of the game and how you think it's going to go?

TOM HOGE: Oh, man, how much time do we got? I'm hopeful that we can hang with 'em. The start's going to be important, kind of like it was for the Michigan game, where we got ahead early and kind of hung on.

But it's going to be a fun game to be at. I'm hopeful that we'll be in the fourth quarter with a chance to win. Max Duggan has kind of been our hero all year leading us back, so hopefully he can do it again.

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