The American Express

Friday, January 22, 2021

La Quinta, California, USA

La Quinta Country Club

Sungjae Im

Quick Quotes

Q. Just describe your round today. 65, very good.

SUNGJAE IM: So I was struggling with my putting leading up to this week, so I worked on my putting a lot and especially for today's round I feel like my mid-range putts were really doing well, I dropped a lot of mid-range putts and that's what led me to a good score today.

Q. Your performances here in the past, top-10 and a T-10 and a T-12. Very good. Coming back to this tournament what were your expectations given that we only have two courses this year?

SUNGJAE IM: Yeah, you're right, so I did finish 12th and 10th coming in here. I feel comfortable playing at the American Express and visually from the tee box it's a course that I really like and enjoy to play, so I feel really comfortable throughout the round and the two courses that we're playing this week, I like those courses and that's what led me to a good score.

Q. You mentioned that the putter was the best club for you today. Was there a shot or a putt that really stood out in your round today that kept your momentum going that was one that you really remember?

SUNGJAE IM: So overall, yes, correct, my shots tee to green I'm pretty satisfied with how I played my entire shots. Speaking of putting, I started drawing a line on the ball and as I visualize my putts and that seemed to work pretty well today.

Q. Just finally during the Christmas period, the holiday period, did you go back to Korea, did you take a break, did you stay here and practice? What did you do?

SUNGJAE IM: Yes, I spent my winter break in Atlanta. I practiced -- the reason why I did not go to Korea is there's still a mandatory isolation required by the government there, so I didn't want to go through that. So I just decided to stay here, practice and start my season in Maui.

Q. Is Atlanta your home base now? Are you destined to stay there?

SUNGJAE IM: Yes, I did purchase a house in Atlanta and I am a homeowner.

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