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Saturday, January 23, 2021

La Quinta, California, USA

PGA WEST Pete Dye Stadium Course

Si Woo Kim

Quick Quotes

Q. Really nice round of golf today, five birdie and no bogeys in a round this golf course, not making a bogey is a pretty good stuff. Your thoughts on how well you played today?

SI WOO KIM: Yeah, I thought that I played good and then the shot and everything feels okay and, but last two days I was putting pretty good, but, no, shot was much better than the last two days very well. It's not the best, I think, my putter today, but I hope it will work tomorrow.

Q. You hit 15 of 18 greens, so obviously your iron play was pretty strong today.

SI WOO KIM: Yeah, week before my coach came out here and then he checked my, something for my swing and then it feels much better and much more comfortable, so, yeah, I hope, yeah, much better.

Q. Finally your thoughts on tomorrow, you're 15-under par, it looks like you're going to have to make a lot of birdies again tomorrow, it should be a fun finish to this tournament.

SI WOO KIM: Yeah, probably play with Max and Tony and I hope I enjoy the final grouping the last day and then, yeah, hopefully I play well.

Q. Who is your coach and what did you work on?

SI WOO KIM: Claude Harmon.

Q. What did you guys work on?

SI WOO KIM: We're working on like, my like, we're working on two years, so just working on back swing and like more straight the takeaway. I was a little inside before and so he just fixed that and just little things.

Q. You had the lead after 54 holes at the Wyndham. What do you think you'll learn from that experience of not getting the win, tomorrow?

SI WOO KIM: Yeah, it was at Wyndham, that was not a good last round, so I hope more try to more be patient tomorrow and then try to relax and then not be too aggressive, that's my goal tomorrow.

Q. What was the best shot you hit today?

SI WOO KIM: Oh, 16, second shot.

Q. What club was it?

SI WOO KIM: 5-wood.

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