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Sunday, January 24, 2021

La Quinta, California, USA

PGA WEST Pete Dye Stadium Course

Cameron Davis

Quick Quotes

Q. You have to be so proud of yourself to shoot 8-under par 64, giving yourself a chance, you're not going to win but you should move into the top-50 in the FedExCup rankings. Tell me about your day.

CAMERON DAVIS: Today it got off to a good start, I've been playing really well it was just a day where actually all parts of the game kind of worked at the same time. So I've had some good putting this week I've had some good ball striking, today I put them together. So it was nice to see a low score on the board but it's the sort of day where I guess everyone's up near the top of the leaderboard's going low as well. So would have been cool to get a couple more, but I did a pretty good job.

Q. I thought you hit really good putts at 17 and a great putt from outside of 60 feet at the 18th.

CAMERON DAVIS: Yeah, my speed was really good. I just had to look at my line and I said, you know what, I just have to make sure I have a good pace and actually give it a chance. So I putted really well today, all the way through, just didn't get enough close to the hole down the stretch and 16 would have been a good one to at least have an eagle putt because I felt like on the green I had a chance. So it was really nice to roll them in, especially throughout the round to keep momentum going but I'll try and do a little bit better next time.

Q. This looks like it might be your best finish on TOUR. We have been watching your progress, this has been coming for awhile, in my opinion, but how do you feel about the week's performance overall?

CAMERON DAVIS: Yeah, I've been trending in a good direction for awhile now, yeah, it's just a week where everything kind of clicks. I had a couple of -- well I had a bad ball striking day and a good putting day and a couple of good ball striking days and didn't make any putts and it's just about, I think for me to get over the line it's just having four solid days in a row where I keep up every part of my game. I'm getting closer to it, it's obviously great to keep seeing personal bests keep rolling through, so hopefully this leads to a little higher on the leaderboard in the near future. But it is, it's been great to see improvement because that keeps you excited and keeps you working hard as well.

Q. You mentioned personal best, 14-under on the weekend. Do you feel like that's the best you've played in your career?

CAMERON DAVIS: I don't know. I mean obviously on a big stage, yeah. I didn't feel like I was playing out of my skin, I just felt like I was hitting good shots and hitting the shots that I was -- making a good plan and executing it relatively well and making a few putts. Obviously to hole a 9-iron and chip in, those are all bonuses, so those all kick it into the next low stage of, okay, this is a little more special than usual. But I felt like this is the sort of game that I've had for awhile, it's just been nice to see, yeah, multiple parts of the game click together in the same day, especially on a Sunday. So it's been good.

Q. A little career first for you too, making a couple of eagles in the same round yesterday. I don't know if you knew that or not, but that was a first for you. But going forward what is your schedule look like the next few months?

CAMERON DAVIS: Well I'll probably play Torrey Pines and then Pebble and then Genesis and we'll go from there. I don't plan my schedules too far out in advance, this is my first season actually to be able to see ahead and with all the different changes they have made I'm just looking pretty close in front of me.

Q. What kind of learning experience is this for you, really having your first taste on a Sunday going toe for toe, birdie for birdie for, with the leaderboard?

CAMERON DAVIS: I mean, to know I didn't look at the leaderboard until very late in the round. For me, looking at the leaderboard and seeing myself up there usually leads to tension and getting a little ahead of myself. But today I saw it, I saw I was still behind so I thought, well if I did glimpse it would be nice to see my name up the top, but the fact that I was still behind, I had to keep pressing.

So it wasn't really that much of a learning curve if anything it's just nice to see that the work that I'm putting in turns into good shots at good times. So I've had some good performances, it's just putting the full four rounds together rather than just having a good one on Sunday or just the weekend, it's a four-round tournament, so I think the learning curve here is just see what I did this weekend and keep that sort of stuff going and it should lead to something good.

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