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Saturday, January 22, 2022

La Quinta, California, USA

PGA WEST Pete Dye Stadium Course

Harry Higgs

Quick Quotes

Q. (Wind noise.)

HARRY HIGGS: Happy to have moved and moved up. Would have been totally fine not moving at all under these conditions out here. I think the guys that are playing the rotation as I did probably got a little bit of the short end of the stick playing here in the most wind.

But it was nice, honestly it was just nice to be challenged today, to have kind of a constant wind all day long that you're not really going to get fooled by and you just got to step up and hit some good golf shots.

So I was fortunate to do that, nice finish on 18 and give myself a chance coming in.

Q. (No microphone.)

HARRY HIGGS: Probably not a ton. I'm still pretty irritated that I had (wind noise.) But it's nice walking to 17 not having made a bogey the hole before when you got a 6-iron. Whatever they call that bunker, it's, I was kind of in the middle of it and it was very firm. I mean, my feet it felt like (wind noise) bounce into it, send it screaming over the green or take a shot on and it just doesn't go far enough it's going to roll back down and it rolled back down. And then it was on an up slope and there was a bit more sand and that shot with the wind being in was actually not that difficult, I still bailed and had it a little too far right, but fortunate to hole that putt and keep it on dry land on 17 and a good couple shots on 18 to finish (wind noise).

Q. (Question about hole-in-one.)

HARRY HIGGS: It has cost me zero dollars. I did fill a couple random -- it's probably cost me $50 -- a couple random people have or have Venmo requested me, which maybe I should change my Venmo to something more in cognito. So I filled a couple of those. But, yeah, first one on TOUR, I had no idea what to did and then we were playing with two great amateur partners that day, Pat and I, the Discovery guys, they had us over for dinner and they won't let me pay for anything. They're in a different line of work than I am, right? I'm very fortunate that I could have afforded a nice dinner and maybe a couple of bottles of wine, but they were happy to take care of that for us.

So we certainly had a lot of fun and it was a little hard getting up out of bed a little earlier on Friday, but had a cup of coffee and (wind noise).

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