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Saturday, January 22, 2022

La Quinta, California, USA

PGA WEST Pete Dye Stadium Course

Hudson Swafford

Quick Quotes

Q. Great round out there today, 66. Your thoughts on the day.

HUDSON SWAFFORD: I played really good. I was really patient, I gave myself a lot of looks even though it played really tough early. I mean the wind, I'm not going to say it's laid down, but it was blowing early pretty good. Kyle and I just talked about just giving ourselves as many looks as possible whether it's 30 feet or 10 feet. Been rolling it great, so just try to get on the green as fast as possible.

Q. Was there any particular highlight today, any shot that stands out in your mind?

HUDSON SWAFFORD: I hit a lot of good ones, honestly. Not really. I hit a great 5-iron on 10, actually, after kind of a poor tee ball into the first cut and it was pumping into the wind and just 5-iron's not what you want into that hole and it kind of just got me into the groove. I hit a great 5-iron to about 15, 18 feet and it was kind of on from there.

Q. This is obviously a place you've had a lot of success, can you just talk about your mindset going into tomorrow?

HUDSON SWAFFORD: Yeah, I don't know what the weather's going to be like tomorrow, but you got to be patient, anything can happen here, last year I bogeyed the first hole, I was 1-over through the first six, I think I was six shots back when I was in the last group and played pretty flawless golf after that, bogey-free 6-under from there. So anything can happen. You give yourself chances, you can make some birdies out here. It is a little visually intimidating, so the fat side of the green's not always terrible out here and that's kind of going to be my game plan and just don't have to come out and try to birdie every hole early, just kind of plod along.

Q. Are there any similarities to how you're playing now to maybe how it would out in '17 when you won here?

HUDSON SWAFFORD: Yeah, I might have drove it a little better in '17, it's been a -- haven't hit quite as many fairways, but really hit my irons beautifully, putting great, doing everything else pretty good. It's kind of got that feel the way I feel like I'm rolling it.

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