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Saturday, January 22, 2022

La Quinta, California, USA

PGA WEST Pete Dye Stadium Course

Luke Donald

Quick Quotes

Q. I wanted to get your comments on the story that came out last night with Paddy kind of giving you kind of a really glowing endorsement to be the Ryder Cup captain?

LUKE DONALD: Yeah, actually my brother-in-law sent it to me thing morning, I saw it when I woke up. Obviously very humbled by Paddy's comments. I would love to have the opportunity to do that. I haven't spoken to anyone at the European Tour, so nothing has been confirmed or, yeah, I don't know where I stand with that, but I've had great experiences with the Ryder Cup, played on four and won four and been a vice captain at a couple and just loved the tournament itself and what it represents and again, yeah, if I was given the opportunity I would dearly love it and be very grateful and honored to take it up.

Q. You were with Paddy's group in Whistling Straights this past year, what kind of things did you bring to the team?

LUKE DONALD: Well, a vice captain's job is to really be a big support to the captain, the captain has a lot on his plate that week. So looking through statistics, looking through psychological assessments, trying to figure out parings, talking to the guys, giving them a lot of communication to the players. So there's a lot that goes in on it and the captain obviously has his hands pretty full that week, it's a busy week with interviews and media and all kinds of stuff. So the backroom staff, me and the other vice captains are kind of taking up the slack a little bit and trying to help him out with some of these decisions. So when he has to put in team sheets and stuff like that, he's well prepared.

Q. One of the things that he excited in his comments was your organizational skills. Just what kind of organization or how meticulous are you about certain things?

LUKE DONALD: Again, I've been a part of six Ryder Cups, I've made plenty of notes during those times, stuff that I thought looked good, stuff that I've learned from our other captains, other vice captains, just knowledge that I think is going to help me, if I do ever do get that opportunity one day to be a captain. So I'm kind of a detailed-oriented guy, I like to write things down, that's kind of how I practiced, I always put full effort into everything I do and, yeah, I mean I guess that's, that came across nicely in Padraig's comments about me.

Q. Pretty flattering to even be mentioned?

LUKE DONALD: Absolutely. It's something, again, I would love to do and I know there's a worthy list of people who could do this job and be the next Ryder Cup captain, but it's nice to have my name up there.

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