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Saturday, January 21, 2023

La Quinta, California, USA

PGA WEST Pete Dye Stadium Course

Tom Kim

Quick Quotes

Q. Another good round today. Followed 62 yesterday with 67 today. Just thoughts on the round today?

TOM KIM: Good front nine. Little shaky back nine. I walked away with under par on that nine, which is great. Just kind of keeps me in a good spot for tomorrow.

Q. You mentioned how important the birdie was at 12. A little bit of an up-and-down stretch there. That kind of righted the ship for you a little bit.

TOM KIM: A hundred percent. I was in a tough spot. I didn't hit a really good 2-iron off the tee. I pulled it left in that bunker literally a hundred yards right. Put myself in a spot that I couldn't be in. I was on a bogey train. I had two bogeys in a row. Hitting a really good wedge shot from the bunker to give myself a chance for birdie and making that putt kind of calmed me down a little bit to kind of just cruise through the back nine.

Q. Talk about the nice finish. Obviously making lunch taste a little bit better. Talk us through that last birdie.

TOM KIM: Yeah, it was great. I missed a few chances coming in. Obviously a lot of people on 18. I just wanted to hit a good putt and hopefully make it. And just, again, like you said, just make lunch taste a little better.

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