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Sunday, January 21, 2024

La Quinta, California, USA

PGA WEST Pete Dye Stadium Course

Nick Dunlap

Quick Quotes

Q. Winner on the PGA TOUR. You started this day with the lead and a game plan. How much was that plan and your patience tested during the ups and downs of this final round?

NICK DUNLAP: I told Hunter that we hadn't faced much adversity yet, and hitting my ball in the water on 7, it tested everything I had. I missed a couple putts that I thought I was going to make. And just kind of like my sports psychologist, Bhrett McCabe, it's -- I went over a scenario for today probably a million times and it's never going to go how you plan, and it didn't. I'm so happy to be standing here.

Q. How did you adjust throughout the course of this round, knowing what Sam and Justin were doing and what you needed to continue to do?

NICK DUNLAP: Honestly, I felt the script today was already written. I was going to go give it everything I had. Whether that's I shoot 75 or 65 or 70, I just was going to give it everything I had.

Q. You told me the other day you were nervous out here. What were the emotions like, especially coming down the stretch?

NICK DUNLAP: Nothing like I had ever felt. It's so cool. I told Sam numerous times, like, it is so cool to be out here and experience this as an amateur. Whether I had made that or missed that, if you would have told me that, you know, come Wednesday night I would have a putt to win this golf tournament, I wouldn't believe you.

Q. What was the walk like for you down 18 and how aware were you of that you only had a one-shot lead?

NICK DUNLAP: I wasn't. I thought I had a two-shot lead. That's kind of -- our line was almost right of the green. It's. Like, just don't put this in the water, kind of. But, no, then, obviously, I think I hit somebody. I'm sorry. I don't know who that was. But got a great break and was able to give myself a good look.

Q. You had a 6-footer to win on the PGA TOUR. What was the process, what was going through your mind, knowing that was for something historical?

NICK DUNLAP: I just, I got to give Hunter credit. Man, he just, he was so calm all day, his attitude never changed. Just kind of, his last thing is, like, Man, this is inside left, you made a million of these putts before, it's just another one.

Q. You told us in the booth yesterday at the beginning of the week, expectations were to learn, to learn what it's like out here on the PGA TOUR. What did you learn about yourself today?

NICK DUNLAP: Everything. Like I said, whether this would have been the way I hoped for or not, I learned so much today, and I'm so grateful to be here.

Q. To be a part of history now, an amateur winning on the PGA TOUR what did it mean to have so many people that love you fly in to see this happen?

NICK DUNLAP: Everything. Just even the support from everything out here, it's been so cool, and to see some of the people root for me was really special.

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