Waste Management Phoenix Open

Friday, February 5, 2021

Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

TPC Scottsdale

Nick Hardy

Quick Quotes

Q. Can we get some comments on a great day?

NICK HARDY: Yeah, I played solid. I'm happy with the way I competed out there. I felt like I didn't really have my best stuff off the tee today, but I managed my game well and I chipped and putted it well. Happy with the position I'm in heading into the weekend.

Q. What's really been clicking for you throughout the week?

NICK HARDY: Just my mind, mental game. Just the way I carry myself, I feel like I've been doing a really good job with that. Staying patient but staying aggressive at times where I needed to be.

Q. Still a long ways to go, but to go from the last spot in the Monday qualifier to not only making the cut but in contention, what's it feel like at this point?

NICK HARDY: You know, again, it feels great. I envision myself having a chance on the weekend. That's kind of what my goal was. I put myself in that position now. It's time to have a good Saturday round to catch up to those guys at 11. We're going to get some good weather, so just going to go out there and try to be aggressive but patient with my mind and my game.

Q. The way that you got through the qualifier into this event, do you think that jump-started your momentum?

NICK HARDY: Yeah, a little bit. I think so. You know, it was definitely a pretty crazy way to qualify for an event. I've been playing well as of late, so I feel like maybe Hawai'i was kind of the jump start for me. I feel like I've had a good winter or off-season of work since the Korn Ferry season ended, and I feel like what I've been working on is showing on the golf course, which is great.

Q. Having missed out on the Monday qualifier playoff two years ago, what do you take away from that experience and did that impact you any?

NICK HARDY: Totally, totally. I was in a four-for-three two years ago. Four-for-three in a playoff is pretty good odds to make it, and I bogeyed the first hole, so I learned a lot, drew a lot from that experience for sure. Just the way I was feeling and the way I handled myself was totally different to this year.

Q. Going into the weekend, is there a bit of freedom that comes with getting to plot your way around the course for two guaranteed days as opposed to needing to fire at every pin to try and qualify?

NICK HARDY: Obviously playing Monday and playing on the weekend is totally different now, I think. But I've still got to be aggressive because I'm four back, so I've got to make some moves.

But the way I'm playing right now, it could happen.

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