WM Phoenix Open

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

TPC Scottsdale

Jon Rahm

Quick Quotes

Q. Just heard you talk about feeling good. You made some putts today. Just kind of an overall assessment of the week.

JON RAHM: Made some putts coming down the stretch. Left a lot of them out there early on. Yeah, today was a little bit better. I wouldn't say as a whole week it was okay. The only time I really felt in command of the golf swing was the first 18 holes and the last nine. That's about it. Everything else in between, there was a bit of doubt in a lot of the swings.

I mean, I still fought hard. Always tried my best in each shot. So you get moments like the back nine, the eagle-birdie-birdie run on 13, 14, 15 kind of got me back into it, needing something special at the end to give myself a chance. But we've seen crazy things out on this golf course, it's just too bad I couldn't close it out and capitalize on some great shots on 17 and 18.

Q. You always have such a great history here. I trust this week won't disappoint in the big picture.

JON RAHM: No, it's just one more week. Like some of the last few were -- I'm not even hitting it or playing even close to as good as I know I can play or even as comfortable. I'm battling a little bit of just not being comfortable in the swing, even though I've had two second places this year, and I think was it Palm Springs was a 14th place? So it's not like I'm too far away. I'm out here kind of complaining a little bit how I'm feeling and I'm still up there. That means all the hard work I've put in has been working, and at some point things are going to start happening. It's still early in the year, I did take three months off, not that I was expecting this to happen, but it's understandable.

Q. Thoughts on your Super Bowl?

JON RAHM: I am not a gambler, honestly. It's hard. I think in my uneducated opinion over here, the very little I know about football, I would say the Rams might be the better team. I think if they were to play 10 times they might win six or seven of them, but the other wild factor of Burrow, right; can he have another magical game, you never know. When it's one game take all, you never know, and he's done it in the championship in college, he's done it multiple times. You know, something about Joe that can be really special.

I can't really pick. It's hard to say. But I would love to see the Bengals win. I've got a buddy who's a diehard Bengals fan, and for him and for the crowd I would love to see them win.

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