WM Phoenix Open

Saturday, February 10, 2024

Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

TPC Scottsdale

Charley Hoffman

Quick Quotes

Q. Charley, how were you feeling today back in contention? Assess your round today so far.

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, obviously got to sleep in, hang out with the family this morning, which was nice after 28 or 29 holes yesterday. The dogs were barking a little bit, so it was a rest well needed. Got off to a pretty good start, made three early birdies and then unfortunately made a bogey as it cooled down and got a little bit dark.

But got 27 holes to be aggressive and make a bunch of birdies tomorrow and hopefully have a chance coming down the stretch on Super Bowl Sunday.

Q. Calling this an advantage might be crazy, but is there an advantage to stop your round in the middle of it and reassess things or think about it, even if you're on a roll?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: No, I think you always just want to play as many holes as you can, but I think hopefully everybody -- hopefully no frost and everybody gets done tomorrow and we have a champion at the end of the day here at the WM.

Q. Why are you personally wearing green today, and do you think it's important for everybody to wear green?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, you know I've been a WM ambassador since '07, for a long time now, and I embraced the green glove forever. Obviously recycling, keep America beautiful, the green initiative is a key for WM, and I support it, and they've been great partners since '07 with me and obviously here in the valley for a long time also as the title sponsor of the WM Open.

Q. Obviously it was a crazy day out there with the fans. What were some of the things you saw and what's your reaction to seeing some of that stuff?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I only played nine holes and it was the front nine. It was actually pretty great crowd. A lot of people out there. But I think they were all -- pretty maintained their sanity out there. I didn't get to the back nine where I heard it was a little more rowdy. It was a great day for me.

Q. What do you think it'll take for you to get back to the winner's circle tomorrow?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: The lowest score. You know, just make birdies, obviously, keep the pedal down. This isn't a golf course that you start aiming at the middle of greens and make pars. This is a golf course you be aggressive from. I assume it's going to be lift, clean and place again tomorrow, and guys are going to make birdies, and you're going to have to get to 20-something under.

Q. Did you feel your game building towards a good week like this?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: You know, when I'm healthy and I feel good, I usually can try to compete. As of late, I've put good rounds together, I just haven't put four good rounds together, and hopefully I'm able to do that this week at the WM.

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