Arnold Palmer Invitational

Sunday, March 6, 2022

Bay Hill, Florida, USA

Bay Hill Club and Lodge

Viktor Hovland

Quick Quotes

Q. Viktor, just your overall thoughts on the day.

VIKTOR HOVLAND: It was tough. I hit the ball beautifully at the start, just couldn't make any putts to get the momentum going. Made a couple bogeys around the turn. We were kind of hitting some good shots, but they just happen around here. Made a great birdie on 11 and thought I was in a good spot.

Yeah, I just struggled on the greens today. That was kind of the story of the weekend. So pretty frustrating.

Q. How tough -- describe how tough it really was out there.

VIKTOR HOVLAND: Yeah, you can be playing with no wind, and there's not that much room to put the ball near the hole. And you've got water shore, you've got bunkers over the green, which is not great. Especially when you get swirling wind like this, it becomes a guessing game. You can hit great shots, but sometimes they gust up in the water or they go through the wind and you're in the back bunker.

It's just a patience test. You've got to ultimately make some putts and have things go your way to win out here.

Q. When you leave here, are you happy with the way the week went? I know it didn't end in your favor, but how do you feel?

VIKTOR HOVLAND: Obviously, I'm playing some great golf, but this one stings. My last couple wins, I felt like it kind of came out of nowhere. This one was more like I felt like I should have won. Those sting a little bit.

Q. What kind of lie did you catch at 17? What were your thoughts all week on just trying to get up and down out of these bunkers?

VIKTOR HOVLAND: Yeah, I don't know why kind of these places seem to fill up the bunkers with sand pretty close to the tournament. I would consider myself pretty fortunate. I only had two plug lies this week, but I'm sure a lot of guys had more than that.

It is what it is. Don't hit in the bunkers. I'm not a big fan of putting more sand in the bunkers right before a tournament. Or I don't know if they did that or not, but there seemed to be a lot of sand in there.

Yeah, it's the same for everyone. It's just a little unfortunate that I hit a terrible shot on 17, and that was the lie I drew.

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