Valspar Championship

Sunday, March 20, 2022

Palm Harbor, Florida, USA

Innisbrook Resort (Copperhead)

Matt Fitzpatrick

Quick Quotes

Q. Just some general thoughts about 3-under today and 14-under total for the tournament this week.

MATT FITZPATRICK: Yeah, I played well. Only three bogeys all week. That's kind of always a good thing. Yeah, just played really solid. If I had anything like a decent putting week, then without sounding too cocky I probably would have won by a few, to be honest. Just probably the stats for that I've just not going anything going all week with the putter, but, yeah, everything else was great.

I'm happy with where my game's at and trending in the right direction with a few big weeks coming up.

Q. Your first time at the tournament since 2018. So what about this course?

MATT FITZPATRICK: Yeah, I like it. It's disappointing that it wasn't a little bit harder. I know the scoring's a little bit more difficult normally and greens are a bit firmer and stuff, so that was a bit disappointing.

But obviously still had a great week. I like the course design. Yeah, I'm sure I will be looking to add it to my schedule next year.

Q. What was it like having your brother out?

MATT FITZPATRICK: It was great experience for him. It was a great experience for me as well really, just seeing how that would feel, and hopefully in a few years or less he can be out here as well with me.

But no, I think it was really good and he enjoyed his week as well, so it was really good.

Q. What do you have next on the schedule?

MATT FITZPATRICK: Play Match Play next week. Hopefully just keep the good run of form going and, yeah, and just looking forward to it.

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