FedEx St. Jude Championship

Thursday, August 10, 2023

Memphis, Tennessee, USA

TPC Southwind

Cam Davis

Quick Quotes

Q. Just some thoughts about your round today.

CAM DAVIS: I played really well today. For the most part it was pretty stress free. I kept it in the fairway pretty well today, which was important, because anything that missed the fairway was just going to get covered in mud and be tough to control.

I did a good job there and stayed patient and cruised around, then I had a little hot stretch on the back nine there for a few holes. It was a good start to the tournament, good start to the week. More of that would be good.

Q. Can you talk a little bit more about the birdie-eagle back-to-back and what happened there with each hole.

CAM DAVIS: Well, I had given myself plenty of opportunities and not really made anything. I hadn't really made any putts. But finally got one to go in on 2 there, and then 3, just a good tee shot, good second shot onto the green and hit my putt a bit hard, but it caught the back of the hole and went in. It was a nice little stretch in a row. The chip-in on the next hole, as well, it was just very nice to get a little bit of momentum and get the score going from 1-under to 4- or 5-under pretty quick there, which was good.

Q. Obviously the conditions weren't great today. You've played this course in 2022; how did that change things up for you today?

CAM DAVIS: I mean, the distance you're getting the ball down the fairway has definitely changed a lot. The ball is not really rolling very much.

I felt like towards the very end of the round, it was starting to firm up just a tiny little bit. I saw a little bit of bounce and roll. But then we just got dumped on on the last hole with rain there, and I'm sure it's going to be storms just kind of rolling through here all week. We're getting pretty used to the ball not rolling far and going a little shorter.

Q. Third week in a row playing. Entering the week with two top 10s. What's been clicking in your game as you're making a push for FedExCup standings?

CAM DAVIS: I would say putting has been a little bit better, just more consistent. All parts of my game are just in a pretty good place right now. I'm driving it pretty well, for the most part hitting it well into the greens and giving myself plenty of looks, but when I'm out of position I'm handling it pretty well at the moment.

Yeah, I'm just trying to make it as stress free as I can, and golf is not always like that, so I'm trying to ride the good stuff as long as I can.

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