FedEx St. Jude Championship

Saturday, August 12, 2023

Memphis, Tennessee, USA

TPC Southwind

Max Homa

Quick Quotes

Q. How would you characterize the round? Another solid one for you out there.

MAX HOMA: Yeah, I just didn't do anything poorly. It was quite nice. I got one spot of bother on 6 and hit an awesome chip and made a putt, so it was fun. Stress free.

I've been driving it well this week, which makes this course a bit easier to avoid disaster, I guess. Just was solid throughout the whole bag, so that was nice.

Q. Caught fire there, five birdies in seven holes. Did you feel yourself getting into a rhythm there?

MAX HOMA: Yeah, I felt like I actually played the first eight awesome. Just nothing wanted to get close, and I couldn't hole a putt. Wasn't particularly close with the putts, either.

But everything felt good. You kind of know out here -- I know a couple of the guys are playing awesome, but it's hard to really run away just because you usually run into a bogey just because of how hard the golf course is.

I figured if I kept doing what I was doing, some of them would go in, so I was proud of the patience and playing smart golf and picking my spots, which worked out once we got to that 9th hole.

Q. Curious what your thoughts on what Lucas is doing at 43.

MAX HOMA: Yeah, anybody who's ever listened to him hit a golf ball knows he's different. For 43, he looks real good.

He works really hard. I know he works out a lot. He's obviously a very special player, won a U.S. Open. You can't hide talent at some point. It's been cool to see him. He's also one of the best dudes out here. It's nice to watch him play -- I wish he would play maybe just a little bit worse tomorrow so we'd have a chance, but it is fun when you see the good guys have all the success.

Q. Where were you in June 2009? Just graduated high school?

MAX HOMA: Yeah, probably was graduating high school. Probably watching Lucas tear it up at Bethpage.

Q. Not knowing how the full leaderboard is going to look, with how you're playing, how do you assess your chances tomorrow?

MAX HOMA: My chances? I guess it depends on how they do at the top. Three back at the moment of two people and they're not even done yet, so I guess -- I like how I'm playing. I can't do a whole lot more than what I've been doing. I played three really solid rounds. Obviously left some out there, like everybody has. I'm just going to keep doing it and see what comes of tomorrow.

I like my chances to keep playing well. I can't predict the future. But if I just keep doing what I'm doing, I'll hopefully have a chance tomorrow.

Q. I noticed the St. Jude pin and the St. Jude shoes. Are you feeling good karma this week?

MAX HOMA: Man, we're very lucky that St. Jude does what they do. Nobody should have to go through cancer and all that, but especially having to see kids do that, it just seems -- it's just awful. What they do for those families is special. I'm very proud to say that they are aligned with a golf tournament that we play, especially now a playoff event. I think it's important that more and more awareness -- I know everybody knows about it, but more and more awareness of what St. Jude does is important, and it's been a treat to get to meet some of those people and some of those kids, and I like to keep up with them and see how they're doing.

Q. Is there any backstory with the shoes?

MAX HOMA: Yeah, FootJoy does it. Some of the kids usually design them. I've had a pair designed specifically before by my buddy Calvin. We had one with all our favorite foods and sports and numbers and whatnot. These have his name on it because he's -- these are basically Calvin's shoes. I'm just wearing them. It's cool that they do that, that little kind of team up and make us and them feel like we're kind of part of a team for the week.

Q. Does it feel any different for you now at the end of what has been a great year? Feels like more people in the galleries know who you are, know your game. Does it feel differently out on the course playing?

MAX HOMA: Yeah, I guess sometimes. I'm always appreciative of it. It's always cool to have people rooting you on, and it's fun just to go around the country. Certain places I guess I'd expect it. I don't know from Memphis, so it is neat. It never really gets old.

It's fun to -- especially when you play well, it's extra fun to get to feel like you've got a support system kind of pushing you on and you can execute when you need to.

Q. Do you still enjoy "spicy meatball" call-outs?

MAX HOMA: I have never enjoyed the "spicy meatball" call-outs, but I still appreciate the fact that they are rooting for me. I would just at some point maybe a little more clever, but that's up to them, not me.

Q. What led to your success in greens in regulation today?

MAX HOMA: I think it starts with tee balls. I hit a lot of balls in the fairway. Once you get out of position here, it's quite difficult. You're almost not aiming at the green a lot of the time; you're just trying to have the best leave you can.

So I felt like I was always in the fairway or first cut and was able to be smart with my second shot but still have some ability to be aggressive.

Once you're in the fairway out here, especially with how soft it is, it feels a little bit easier to hit the greens.

Q. Another positive round for you today; how do you carry that momentum into the final round tomorrow?

MAX HOMA: I guess just keep doing what I'm doing. I feel good about my golf swing. I've made putts when I've needed to. I just keep doing that.

Not get ahead of myself, like I said. I was really patient today and I felt like that paid off, so tomorrow is a whole different day. I don't really know what I'm going to get, but I do know if I kind of keep that mindset, I should be in a pretty good spot to at least play some good golf.

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