RBC Canadian Open

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

St. George's Golf & Country Club

Adam Hadwin

Quick Quotes

Q. Just get some general thoughts on your round today.

ADAM HADWIN: Yeah, I got off to a good start. I got three par-5s in the first six holes or so, seven holes, and kind of did what I needed to do.

A little sideways off of kind of the middle of the front nine, some good par-4s, though. It was nice to end with a birdie, so lunch will taste a little bit better this afternoon.

Q. The all-Canadian trio, did it feel a bit more special after two years away from this? How was it out there with the guys today?

ADAM HADWIN: Yeah, definitely. We had a great time. There was a lot of fun there those first four or five holes too. We were all playing pretty well and making birdies.

So we got into a nice rhythm as a group. Obviously, two great guys that I'm very familiar with, so it was a very comfortable pairing today.

Q. How was the course out there today? A little wet. What was the best defense on a day like today?

ADAM HADWIN: I thought the course was fantastic. It was drier than I thought it was going to be. I think the big things out there are the greens. They had a good pace to them today. You had to stay below the hole. The spots that I was in in the rough weren't too bad, but I say that hesitantly because I feel like there could be some balls that sit down.

Otherwise, I think -- you know, greens were receptive. You hit good shots, you get rewarded.

Q. Just picking up on that about the golf course. I think this tournament has always tried to walk that fine line between being a solid test for the national open but also being an exciting tournament. Have they struck a pretty good line. What are your thoughts on that?

ADAM HADWIN: I thought today played really well. We'll see as the week goes on and what the weather holds. I'm sure they could firm it up a little bit, but some of these greens have so much slope to them that I don't think they can go any faster. Some of those pin locations are pretty dicey at best.

I thought the course played very, very fair today. I thought you could -- you know, you can probably shoot 5, 6-under if you play well, but if you get in some tough spots, you've got to grind.

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