RBC Canadian Open

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

St. George's Golf & Country Club

Doug Ghim

Quick Quotes

Q. Doug, fabulous round of golf, the scrambling too. Probably wasn't easy in the rough out there, was it?

DOUG GHIM: No, it's a very old fashioned golf course, a lot of slope. I did my best to put myself in the best possible spots, and I think we did a pretty good job of that.

Q. You had some opportunities also coming in there. Can you talk about the green complexes. We talk about the elevation in the holes, but the greens seemed to have a lot of movement in them too.

DOUG GHIM: Again, kind of like that old fashioned Donald Ross type of deal. Super cool. We don't really see many courses like this anymore, I feel like.

Yeah, the greens are very undulating. You have to try to keep the ball below the hole. Some of them are very narrow as well so just to hit them. If you hit the green, you're probably going to have a good look at birdie.

Q. 5-under, good start today. Just a few comments on what you felt good about.

DOUG GHIM: Yeah, it played tricky. The round, like the scorecard looks very clean and it looked like it was pretty simple, but you can see the scores and you can see very clearly that, if you're hitting it in the fairways and you're attacking the greens, you can post a low one. But if you're just a yard off, you're scrambling for par very quickly.

Put the ball in play for most of the day and hit a lot of greens. Felt pretty dialed on the greens too, so that always helps.

Q. Anything you came into the week feeling particularly confident about with your game, or has it all just kind of been coming together for you?

DOUG GHIM: It's starting to come together. Been struggling. Obviously Colonial wasn't a very good finish, and first round of Memorial was pretty rough. Then that second round, I kind of started feeling more comfortable, something clicked for me. I've been putting pretty well.

So to shoot 68 at Memorial and make seven birdies, I think, in one round, it was definitely a big confidence boost because that course is pretty hard. When you come out from Jack's tournament and you show up here, the course looks a little easier just because of how difficult it is. Everything is starting to come together, and I'm pretty excited about where I'm heading.

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