RBC Canadian Open

Friday, June 10, 2022

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

St. George's Golf & Country Club

Adam Svensson

Quick Quotes

Q. I'm sure that the sort of your final nine there aren't quite what you were hoping for but seems like you played your way into the weekend. How does that feel?

ADAM SVENSSON: It always feels great making the cut on a PGA TOUR event, obviously you're playing well. But especially here I really wanted to make the cut, being back home. But, yeah, it's just, it's a very tough golf course and you got to stay patient. Mistakes are going to happen. I'm happy the way I'm playing, I'm playing really well, just I got to clean up some stuff.

Q. What sort of stuff do you think you need to clean up?

ADAM SVENSSON: Just a couple short putts missed and just yesterday I had a double around the green and just little things like that.

Q. You had quite a few birdies today. Is it safe to say that it's gettable out there, but looking ahead to tomorrow?

ADAM SVENSSON: It's sort of gettable, depending upon how the wind picks up. But in the morning it was pretty gettable. Not much wind, firing at some flags. But this is a golf course you want to put it in the middle of the green and just make your par and move on to the next one.

Q. After your round this morning you're one of the lower Canadians. Looks like there's going to be a good group of Canadians playing tomorrow. How important is that to you to have good representation at the national championship?

ADAM SVENSSON: Oh, it's amazing. I saw yeah, 20 Canadians playing this week and I think that's awesome. Especially the younger kids that it's their first PGA TOUR event, it's a great experience and they're obviously going to be nervous and stuff like that, so I think it's great for golf in Canada.

Q. What's the support been like for you from the fans yesterday and today?

ADAM SVENSSON: Oh, it's been great. I've seen a couple of my buddies out here that I haven't seen in years. So it's awesome. The fans and stuff are always rowdy and I think it's great.

Q. Obviously no national championship for two years, is it great to be playing in a PGA TOUR event back on home soil?

ADAM SVENSSON: Oh, yeah. I look forward to the Canadian Open every single year. So it always brings me a little bit more fire in my belly when I come out here. So, yeah, I just really enjoy coming to Canada and playing.

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