RBC Canadian Open

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

St. George's Golf & Country Club

Nick Hardy

Quick Quotes

Q. Excellent round. 65. Get some comments on your play.

NICK HARDY: Yeah, I played really well. I feel like I played really well all three days I've just made a lot of sloppy bogeys. I made a lot of birdies though and I'm really happy with the way I'm playing.

Q. You mentioned you were aware I guess before you teed off today that you had been added to the field. When did you get the news and what was your reaction?

NICK HARDY: Yeah, late last night I learned from my guy, Robby at USGA he told me. So I was just pumped. Yeah, I'm pretty excited, obviously. I mean I survived a five-hole playoff to get the first alternate spot with five players and really proud of the way I bounced back that day to get just into the playoff alone because I didn't have the best finish. Easily could have quit, but I didn't. I got myself in, so I'm proud of that.

Q. Do you have any background at all at the Country Club?

NICK HARDY: Yeah, I played it the U.S. Amateur there in 2013. I played well there too. I made match play and I was really, I was a really young player but I remember pretty much the whole course. It's awesome. I can't wait.

Q. What are your favorite memories of that weekend?

NICK HARDY: Just playing great. I remember I was leading after the first round. I played well at Charles River and I think I finished like sixth in stroke play. I lost to in the first round to Zac Blair on the last hole. It was tough. But I was such a young player, I was still in high school, so it was a great experience for me. It will definitely bring back good memories for sure.

Q. Have you been back to the course since then?

NICK HARDY: No, I've not seen the course since then and I don't know if it's changed much, but I know it's going to be high rough and it's going to play a lot like how this is here, for sure, I mean this has been a great test here and I expect a lot of same, you just got to drive it in the fairway.

Q. So you kind of using this as maybe a prep week for that?

NICK HARDY: I think everyone is. Whoever's playing next week here is definitely getting a good feel for what kind of the game you need to play for next week.

Q. Who was your first call after you got the call that were you in?

NICK HARDY: Definitely my fiance' and my dad, but my dad was sleeping for sure. But I texted my family and they were excited.

Q. Are they scrambling now to get there?

NICK HARDY: Yeah, they're going to come, so that's exciting.

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