RBC Canadian Open

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

St. George's Golf & Country Club

Sam Burns

Quick Quotes

Q. Great round today. 5-under 65. Just get a few thoughts on some of the highlights and what you felt most comfortable with.

SAM BURNS: Yeah, it was nice getting off to a good start there birdieing 2 and 3.

And then I hit a bad tee shot there on 5 and had a chip out.

But birdied 6.

It was nice to get a few there early, kind of get settled into the round.

The back nine the wind just picked up a lot and made the last six holes or so pretty tough. Wish I could have got one more there on 11. I hit a good 3-wood out there and had 6-iron in. Just hit a poor shot. But overall solid day.

Q. This is your first start here at RBC. Just some comments on the decision to play here, obviously good form going into next week.

SAM BURNS: Yeah, I was really excited to play this week. I think it's my first time, it's the first time for me to play in Canada in general. So excited to come up here and enjoy this nice cool weather. It's a little hot in Louisiana right now.

But, yeah, the fans are incredible. I think you can tell they have been looking forward to this event coming back and yeah, also great preparation for next week. So, yeah.

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