RBC Canadian Open

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

St. George's Golf & Country Club

Adam Svensson

Quick Quotes

Q. If we can get you to recap your final round and then also the week.

ADAM SVENSSON: Yeah, I got off to a little weird start, 3-putted the first hole. Then had another bogey. Then I kind of slowly worked my way back and had five birdies after that. So it was a slow start, but I knew I was hitting it well, I knew I was playing well, so I just stayed calm and just I said just keep doing what you're doing and yeah, just paid off.

Q. As a Canadian just talk a little bit about what this week meant to you and to all of the fans to have the event back after three years.

ADAM SVENSSON: Yeah, it's amazing the roar I got on 18 there. It was awesome. Yeah, just to play in Canada, like I said, it's special to me because I grew up playing in Canada, obviously, but, yeah, it's just a fun week and I had Dale on the bag and he calmed me down a lot and he's just, he's a funny dude and we just kind of enjoyed ourself this week.

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