RBC Canadian Open

Friday, June 9, 2023

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Oakdale Golf & Country Club

Brendon Todd

Quick Quotes

Q. 68 followed up with a second round 69. Tell me about thoughts heading into the weekend.

BRENDON TODD: Yeah, first I got off to a great start. I think I was 3-under on my first fine. And was able to get you know more on the second nine yesterday. And this morning we knew we had some tough weather with the rain coming in and I was starting back on the front nine, so those long holes, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, were pretty challenging. I did make a double on 4 by missing the fairway. But all in I did a really good job of just controlling my game, putting the ball in the fairway, giving myself birdie looks and I was able to make a couple.

Q. Given everything that's gone on this week leading up to the tournament now. How difficult was it to focus coming out here this week and really pay attention to the tournament and make that your main focus?

BRENDON TODD: Well Tuesday, Wednesday were definitely pretty entertaining and distracting. But for me once I got to the tournament rounds it was business as usual. Which was nice. Like I said over there, I'm kind of nursing a shoulder injury so that kept the expectations low. I was really just going out there trying to put one foot in front of the other, put the ball in the fairway and score as well as I could and I got off to a good start.

Q. What do you make of the course now and how do you think of it, especially the 18th?

BRENDON TODD: I think the course is really cool. Logistically, it's a little bit difficult with the range being far away and whatnot. But it's so neat for a shorter hitter to come to a golf course that is old school, classic. You got to put the ball in the fairway or else you're chipping out. It's got lots of tilt on the greens. I'm a good putter. I love the creativity around the greens here. So I think it's a really neat old golf course. It's nice to see guys have to hit different clubs off the tee, put the ball in position, play in from there.

18's a fantastic hole. Guys would rather hit driver and then hit a 5-wood on the green, but what's the difference? Now everybody has a legitimate chance to put the ball in the fairway and score from there. The green's really neat. So I think it's been fun.

Q. When you're playing as well as you are, what are you doing tonight to make sure you can replicate that going forward through the weekend?

BRENDON TODD: Fortunately, I got a buddy caddieing for me, Mookie DeMoss, who played at Georgia and is an aspiring pro as well. We've been having a blast. Going out to dinner, watching Netflix, hanging out. So it's been a good week and we'll do more of the same, get some rest and prepare for tomorrow.

Q. How big is having someone like that with you?

BRENDON TODD: I haven't done it a lot in my career. I've been pretty loyal to whatever caddie was caddieing for me at that moment. But this week's been great. He's just one of the most enjoyable people to be around. He's just a really solid, stand-up person. He knows the game really well. He knows my game really well. So it has been awesome to have him out there. And I anticipate going out there and having some more fun the next couple days.

Q. Just last week Rose Zhang won in her pro debut on the LPGA. Could you just react to what she's been able to achieve?

BRENDON TODD: Yeah, it's so special. I've been really impressed watching her career the last couple years. She won back-to-back NCAA's as well. She won the Augusta Women's Amateur. So, Georgia, Jenny Bae finished second to her at the Augusta Women's Amateur, so I was kind of paying attention to that. But really impressed to see her go out there in her first start and go win.

We have seen a couple guys do that on the Korn Ferry Tour in the last decade or so, go out and win their first start. But not much on the PGA TOUR. So hats hat's off to her.

Q. Last week WD due to your shoulder at Memorial. How is the shoulder feeling now?

BRENDON TODD: Yeah, it still hurts. I just think that I've been able to use the five days off to get a little more PT on it, ice it. And just kind of come up with a game plan for how I'm going to go out there and feel. And I was prepared for the pain this week and it has been hurting on each shot. But it doesn't seem to be affecting my accuracy too much. So that's a positive.

Q. What kind of recovery have you been doing on your shoulder?

BRENDON TODD: Just twice a day on the table with a physical therapist. So massage, a little bit of chiro. Then just some stronger meds than I was on last week.

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