RBC Canadian Open

Friday, June 9, 2023

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Oakdale Golf & Country Club

Carl Yuan

Quick Quotes

Q. Following yesterday's 68 with a second round 67. How did you feel about today?

CARL YUAN: Definitely played some great golf out there. It was a little rainy in the morning. But I kind of adapted pretty good. I had the exact same mindset as yesterday. Just go out, play freely. Yeah, let the result take care of itself. My caddie and I, we did a great job communicating. He was cheering me on nicely. There's some tight holes he just asked me to swing freely. He said, Don't really worry about where we're trying to hit this ball. Then we just go from there. Which kept me loose and free for the round. Glad that I shoot a good score.

Q. You mentioned swinging freely and yesterday talked about you're having fun playing. Still having fun?

CARL YUAN: Yeah, for sure. That's my goal coming into the week. That's my number one goal. Not a result goal, just like being in the present, hitting shot by shot and, yeah, being out here trying to have the most fun. All of it. So, yeah.

Q. Some of your demonstrative motions after your swings are making the round on social media this week with you in the mix. For those who may not be familiar, what goes into it when you're making those motions?

CARL YUAN: Not much. I'm thinking about it like nothing. I'm, like, I try to make the swing. Not nothing like that. I just really focus on the ball flight, how far I'm trying to hit it. Just let the body take care of itself. Normally that, works out great. I mean, I've been like playing like way too technical in the past events on TOUR this year. Which didn't really get me the good results. So I figure why not just play freely. Yeah, and then glad it works out good so far.

Q. Talk about playing through cold and wet conditions today.

CARL YUAN: Oh, yeah, I think this is right in my alley. I went to school in Seattle at the University of Washington. That's exactly what we deal with in the wintertime. Definitely gave me plenty of opportunity to practice when I was in college. It really helped me a lot being out here in the similar conditions.

Q. Putting yourself in good contention heading into the weekend. How much do you draw on past experiences on the Korn Ferry Tour help out in this position?

CARL YUAN: I think I've definitely been in a similar situation before on the Korn Ferry Tour. But being out here I think it's the same mindset I had last two days. Just go out and have fun and it works out good so far. I think I'm going to keep that rolling.

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