RBC Canadian Open

Friday, June 9, 2023

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Oakdale Golf & Country Club

Tyrrell Hatton

Quick Quotes

Q. Low round of the tournament so far. What's the key to navigating a new golf course on the PGA TOUR?

TYRRELL HATTON: Well, I mean, just all you can do is go out there and try your best. I feel like this week you have to be fairly aggressive off the tee. There's some shorter par-4s that I think you still need to hit driver on to try and take advantage of them. Clearly, I'm not capable of hitting a fairway with a 5-iron, as you saw on the last today. So, yeah, I think I just need to keep taking the driver out.

Q. Nine birdies on the day including five in a row. Can you talk us through that stretch of birdies.

TYRRELL HATTON: Trying to think. On 7th par-5. I felt like I holed a lot of putts from 15, 20 feet today. Yeah, holed a really good one there. It was downhill, left-to-right. So it was a quick putt. I was aggressive on 8 hit driver down there just short of the green. Chip up to a couple of feet. 8-iron into the 9th, which again sort of 15 feet past the hole down the hill. Kind of, I hit a really good putt, but it was like pinball down there and thankfully it kind of came back on line and went in. Just some really solid iron shots. Happy that I could hole the putt.

Q. Feelings on being in this position going into the weekend here?

TYRRELL HATTON: I mean, it's a nice place to be after 36 holes, but there's still another 36 to go. I imagine if the weather's kind of the same as it was this afternoon, scoring's going to be fairly low. It's tricky out there at times. You can easily get yourself in the wrong position. But, yeah, you still need to make a lot of birdies this weekend. I'm going to try my best to do that.

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