RBC Canadian Open

Saturday, June 10, 2023

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Oakdale Golf & Country Club

Tommy Fleetwood

Quick Quotes

Q. Great round. You currently tied a top the leaderboard. How does that feel?

TOMMY FLEETWOOD: Yeah, feels the same as I did this morning, really. Wanted to come out this weekend and have a really good weekend. I felt like the leaderboard's been very, very bunched up, so just staying hanging around sort of over those first two days was important. Yeah, got a great round going today and you just have to go out and enjoy those days when they come. I drove it great, I put myself in position all day and managed to convert, which is a lovely feeling.

Q. Five birdies on the back nine. That's really exceptional. What was working for you on those final nine holes?

TOMMY FLEETWOOD: It's a shorter nine. So the fact that I was driving it really well meant I had a lot of wedges in my hand. I hit it in the fairway on both par-5s. Birdied those. Then hit three or four pitches into the greens and made the putts. So, yeah, look, if you put it in the fairway particularly on that side you're on the very scorable side. Yeah, made the most of it. That's what you got to do if you're going to have a low round.

Q. There's a lot of atmosphere in the back nine, especially around the 14 hole, the Rink. What do you think of the Canadian fans here today?

TOMMY FLEETWOOD: They have been great to me. Always feel very lucky to have the support that I do. The Canadians have been, it's they have been great this week so far and hopefully they will carry on and support me tomorrow even though there's a few Canadians up there.

Q. You went on your run off the bogey at 5, right. How much did it get your attention?

TOMMY FLEETWOOD: It was a bit frustrating because I had just made a birdie. And then just make a soft, soft, like a soft bogey after a great tee shot. So that was a bit frustrating. I think that's really important to bounce back on the par-5 after it. Hit a great tee shot, good up-and-down. Once you bounce back, you can move on from that, really. So it was frustrating, but one of those things. I had a good attitude and carried on.

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