RBC Canadian Open

Saturday, June 10, 2023

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Oakdale Golf & Country Club

Corey Conners

Quick Quotes

Q. Another solid round. How does it feel to be in contention at the Canadian championship with one round to go?

COREY CONNERS: Yeah, obviously the RBC Canadian Open's a big event to me. I left some shots out there probably on the second nine today. But it's nice to be in contention. I start every week trying to get yourself into the mix with an outside chance on Sunday. That's where I find myself. Definitely going to need some pretty special golf tomorrow, but feeling good about my game and it's going to be fun.

Q. You're obviously not the only Canadian up there. How does it feel to have twice as many chances to maybe bring this title back to Canada?

COREY CONNERS: Yeah, it feels good. Nick played a pretty special round today. That was fun to see. I was following him this morning before I teed off. So I was trying to kind of get some inspiration from that round. But it wasn't meant to be for me this afternoon. But, yeah, still played really solid. It's fun myself being in the mix, but good to see other Canadians playing well.

Q. When we spoke with Nick earlier today, he said that if he saw your name atop the leaderboard tomorrow and he was second, that would feel like a win to him as well. That's how badly he wants a Canadian to win the Canadian Open. How do you feel about that?

COREY CONNERS: I mean, it's been far too long. So I'm going to be letting it fly, giving it my all tomorrow and I'm sure he's going to be doing the same thing. I've got some ground to make up, but you never know. We have a chance.

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