PNC Championship

Saturday, December 18, 2021

Orlando, Florida, USA

The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club

Henrik Stenson

Karl Stenson

Press Conference

Q. So did Henrik play?

KARL STENSON: It was okay for both of us. None of us played pretty good. Some room to improve on the weekend.

Q. He said he wasn't playing great coming in. Is this what you expected?

KARL STENSON: Yeah, kind of.

HENRIK STENSON: I think I improved on what he expected. I'm pretty happy. I mean, we were doing good as a team out there. Carl made some great putts. A little disappointed we bogeyed 16, had a chance on 17 and 18 great chance for eagle. We didn't make those. A little disappointing the three holes to finish off but other than that it was a great day.

I think I've never been more proud of him in my life, I'd say. He did exceptionally well given it's our first time out there, lots of people. He put pressure on himself. I tried not to but it's a big occasion, so I think he did exceptionally well and very happy to have him as my team member.

Q. How nervous were you as a dad knowing an 11-year-old is going out there?

HENRIK STENSON: He has high expectations on his own game and I know that and I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Yeah, he takes one bad strike, "I can't play again." It's a little bit of an emotional roller coaster. I think most 11-year-olds are like that on the course, and he's no different. He did well today and made some great putts and great shots, and we'll just come back and try it again tomorrow.

Q. How often do you play with Joshua (Poulter)?

KARL STENSON: Now and then, two times a week, on the weekend when I have some time off.

HENRIK STENSON: From your busy day job?

KARL STENSON: Yeah, exactly.

Q. Did you ever drink chocolate milk or anything out of the Claret Jug?

KARL STENSON: Not really. Some Sprite.

HENRIK STENSON: Karl had some Sprite and his older sister had some Coca-Cola, their preferred choice. We had some other things, as well, but that's what they preferred.

Q. How long have you had this circled as an opportunity for you guys?

HENRIK STENSON: Well I wasn't going to bring my dad. He's not a good enough golfer. Sorry, dad. Really we were back in Sweden for a long time in the wintertime, so we watched the event last year, and Tiger and Charlie played, and I think that sparked some interest and he's been keen on his golf the last couple of years.

So felt like it was a good time to ask, and they accepted us and I think this is hopefully not the last time. We'll come back and try again and again. Happy to be here and had a great day with him.

Q. Were you nervous on the first tee?

KARL STENSON: Kind of. It was a lot of people.

Q. How did you hit it?

KARL STENSON: Not too bad but wasn't too happy with the shots.

HENRIK STENSON: There's times I would have taken that first tee shot myself. He did all right.

Q. What's the best part of your game?

KARL STENSON: Putting and drives. I also hit my 3-wood pretty well today.

Q. You do hit a driver occasionally?

HENRIK STENSON: So does the dad -- if you'd be out there off the ropes instead of standing here all day, you'd see it.

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