PNC Championship

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Orlando, Florida, USA

The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club

Nelly Korda

Petr Korda

Quick Quotes

Q. No. 1 player in the world, you've done so many things in your career in such a short time, how would you describe what this experience was like?

NELLY KORDA: Oh my gosh, so much fun. Got to see him make a couple birdies.

Q. You have a lot of things on your resumé, as well, including a major championship at the Australian Open and your children have had great success. What's it like to share in that as opposed to watching from outside the ropes?

PETR KORDA: It was very difficult. I was very nervous, I'm not going to hide it, especially before yesterday going around, I called my old coach, Tony Pickard, and asked him not for advice but to calm me down.

It was a great experience. I enjoyed every moment of it. It's easier to walk outside the ropes which I believe I belong, but if we have one more chance in the future I would love to do it again. Just being with Nelly and what she's bringing to the women's sport and women's golf and myself to be a part of it, what more can I ask.

Q. You have to go back to yesterday, you had a chance to meet Tiger Woods for the first time, and I've been around you a bunch, I'm not sure I've ever seen you that excited. What was that like for you?

NELLY KORDA: I think I turned a little red. May be turning red right now. No, I got to meet my idol growing up. I met him at the dinner the night prior but it's been such a cool experience. I got to talk to him on the putting green before I went out today and I was just starstruck. It's really cool what he's done for the game and I just appreciate it.

Q. Are your experience this week playing with the men, what takeaways have you had?

NELLY KORDA: I played with Lee Trevino today and then I played with John Daly yesterday, and, oh, my gosh, they still have so much game. It's unbelievable. I got to play in an event with Tiger Woods and Charlie, who I've heard is just an amazing ball-striker.

So I just appreciate it more, and any type of way that I can help push women's golf forward, I feel like this is a great stage to do it on. I'm just a small part of it.

Q. You've had a long season, and you looked energized and fresh out there; it's just so different that it felt completely different than a Tour event?

NELLY KORDA: Yeah, completely. I still want to go out and play well but I've taken a couple of weeks off so there's definitely some rust. I was very pleased. We just tried to keep it light, even though the competitiveness came out of me a few times where I was disappointed, but in all, we had a blast.

Q. And if you were invited, would you come back next year?

NELLY KORDA: Yeah, I would love to. I wouldn't even not think about it. Getting to play in this event is really special, so if we got invited, we would definitely jump at it.

Q. Do you think overall your dad was nervous but he also loved every single second of it?

NELLY KORDA: Yeah, he did, he hugged me after and was like, "Thank you for everything and I appreciate it all."

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