PNC Championship

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Orlando, Florida, USA

The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club

John Daly

Little John Daly

Quick Quotes

THE MODERATOR: Team Daly, congratulations, must be a pretty good feeling. Talk about what this means to you right now at the moment.

JOHN DALY: Holidays everything and, just playing golf with my son every day when I can is just awesome. To watch him grow up to do the things he could do with a golf ball and a swing that's so perfect, but saving my you know what from putting yesterday, and he played phenomenal and I helped him with a few shots here and there. But it was just an awesome weekend, and PNC and Teo (Sodeman) and Alastair (Johnston) and all the volunteers and this whole community, it's just a blast coming here every year.

LITTLE JOHN DALY: Every year we always try and win but this was the year just enjoyed it and being here playing with him in the holidays. I guess that's what happens, when you win, I don't know, it's awesome. All the volunteers are great like he said, the PNC, all the military guys and everyone. Wouldn't be possible without them, so I just want to thank them.

Q. So yesterday, I said, "How are you doing," and you said, "Fine, can you please get him to make some putts." How was it? What did you do that went right today?

JOHN DALY: Hit seven naturals today, so I helped the team today.

Q. Were you scoreboard watching? Did you know where you stood?

LITTLE JOHN DALY: I checked every five holes, yes, I had to. Yesterday, not so much, but today, why not.

Q. Which holes did you feel the most pressure on?

JOHN DALY: For me it was 16. 16 was a big hole because we are used to hitting like wedges up there, and I hit a horrible drive. I was on the up tee, and Little John crushed it; it was dead against the wind, and I hit a 7-iron in there about a foot and a half and it was a birdie there. I think that was a big, big turning point for this week right there.

Q. I asked Tiger when he stopped by what this win would have meant to him and Charlie. For all the wins that you've all over the world, and for the success that you've had on the golf course, where does this win rank?

JOHN DALY: It's up there. You can't beat it. For fathers, as WE'RE on the Senior Tour, we're not playing the British Opens and majors competitive like I used to. I can still play the British Open and the PGA but nothing comes close. I've always told the media for years, the greatest days of my life were seeing my kids born. You can't top that.

To be here and win a big tournament like this with my son, nothing can beat it.

Q. After winning The Open -- (what keeps you playing here)?

JOHN DALY: Well, I think it's love for the game no matter where we go but it's love for my son and to be able to play for him and love for family and to be able to win and play with him like this, whether or not we win or lose, I just enjoy being out here competitive and being on his team and just having a great week.

PNC takes great care of us, Teo, Alastair, it's their tournament and God bless them for even letting us be here and stuff. They are just great people to work with, and letting our family come here and kind of have some fun like we did, might be the most rowdiest group, but we're going to make some people laugh.

Q. Where did you feel the nerves and what does this mean for you?

LITTLE JOHN DALY: I would say 16 for sure but when we both hit not the best putts on 17, he hit it like five or six feet by, mine was four feet short, and when he made that, we knew it was basically over because I checked the leaderboard to see what Tiger finished at.

But yeah, it's definitely No. 1. I mean, every year I've always wanted to win here and this was the only year I just really focused on having a good time and just being happy and finally got it done, so it's definitely No. 1.

Q. There's been a lot of times where your dad has been looking at leaderboards with that Woods name. What did it feel like checking that leaderboard and you saw that they were making run?

LITTLE JOHN DALY: Obviously nervous, but we had the advantage because we were the last group. So we knew what we had to do on the last hole, or the last three holes, even.

Q. Did you realize that you also set a team record?

JOHN DALY: I didn't know it. He did. He says, "If you make this, we're going to beat the record by two."

So I hit it a little firm (laughter). And luckily we made the putt coming back, but no, I didn't know. I didn't know it was a record until he told me.

Q. What do you think a win like this in a tournament like this means for you moving forward if you want to get into maybe playing pro golf?

LITTLE JOHN DALY: Like I said earlier, someone interviewed me, it's just making the move from junior golf to college golf. I have plenty of time. I'm still young. So just trying to get more reps in in the college field and in amateur events.

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