PNC Championship

Saturday, December 17, 2022

Orlando, Florida, USA

The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club

Bernhard Langer

Jason Langer

Quick Quotes

DOUG MILNE: Off to a very strong start, 12-under. I know you're not feeling well, so if we could just get a few comments about what connected and what went well today.

BERNHARD LANGER: Be aware of the injured. No, Jason putted very well and made pretty solid. I hit a bunch of decent shots. So overall, a very solid round.

DOUG MILNE: Just a few thoughts how you thought it went.

JASON LANGER: Yeah, similar. We had a lot of good opportunities between ten and 15 feet. We made a couple of them. I think we left a few out there as well but overall we were in good spots and hit pretty much every green and played pretty solid.

DOUG MILNE: Just an update on how are you feeling?

BERNHARD LANGER: About the same. Just a very bad sore throat. Don't want to talk a lot. You can hear in my voice, doesn't sound normal.

DOUG MILNE: We'll just take a few.

Q. Did you have any maintenance after the season?

BERNHARD LANGER: Maintenance? No, just time off. I took three weeks off totally and started practicing last week.

Q. How much time? You said three weeks off? Is that normal?

BERNHARD LANGER: At my age. It's the off-season.

JASON LANGER: I made sure he practiced at least a little bit.

Q. Of your sons, who is the younger --

BERNHARD LANGER: He is the youngest to ever win it. Stefan was the youngest until you beat his record.

JASON LANGER: Exactly. Something he can never get back at me.

Q. So you recently graduated?

JASON LANGER: I did in May.

Q. What are your plans now?

JASON LANGER: I'm living and working in New York City. Moved up there this summer.

Q. What's your job?

JASON LANGER: Finance. Investment banking.

Q. If your voice will hold up, when you were coming out of Germany and on to The European Tour, how much was the U.S. tour a goal for you, or was it?

BERNHARD LANGER: It wasn't, really, not in the early stages. It was just trying to make a living. Hoping to be good enough to be exempt on The European Tour and play The European Tour for many years. And then it turned out that I married an American and became maybe a better player than I thought I could be or would be. And decided (to try) my luck on this tour and was fortunate to win the Masters and Hilton Head and got a ten-year exemption and started playing a little bit more here.

But I never played a full season. Always played Europe and the rest of the world. Sometimes I look back wishing I had played a full season because there were, I think two or three occasions when I was leading money winner after the Masters, end of April and then I went to Europe and didn't play much anymore over here.

Q. How old were you when you first played?

JASON LANGER: When I first played. I guess was 2014, right?


JASON LANGER: Born in March, so almost 15.

Q. (No mic.)

JASON LANGER: That's a good question. That was a while ago now. I think at the time I had not been playing that good of golf. We just tried to have as much fun as we can and stay relaxed.

I think he probably or definitely encouraged me to just enjoy this experience. I mean, it's such a cool tournament, really unique, and don't get to be inside the ropes and hitting a golf ball with my dad too often.

BERNHARD LANGER: I didn't want to expose him to this kind of pressure too early but he said, "I'm ready. I can handle this." And he was right.

Q. Was it you or your brother with the great 3-wood into 18?

JASON LANGER: That was me, the last time we played, the two of us played in 2019 in the playoff.

Q. How do you is he side which son gets the opportunity?

BERNHARD LANGER: We kind of rotate but he would have been defending champion last year.

JASON LANGER: We didn't play -- you were injured last year but two years ago, we would have been defending champions in 2020 and I hurt myself.

BERNHARD LANGER: He hurt his back and couldn't play and that's when his sister play. He never had a chance to defend his title, so this is his chance now, and then next year we'll have to see.

Q. Maybe a playoff?



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