PNC Championship

Sunday, December 18, 2022

Orlando, Florida, USA

The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club

Tiger Woods

Charlie Woods

Quick Quotes

DOUG MILNE: Tiger, Charlie, congratulations on a week of getting it through. I know there was pain involved and you succeeded. Just some thoughts on how fun it was.

TIGER WOODS: It was an incredible week just to be able to play with Charlie and to be able to experience it, again, with the Thomases, again, for the -- basically the third straight year, or second straight year. To be able to have Jani and Mike and obviously the two Joeys on our side, we had the most amazing time inside the ropes with each other.

And then Charlie and I, we played great yesterday. And today we were both like walking penguins out there. It was all good, though.

DOUG MILNE: How special was it for you?

CHARLIE WOODS: It was great, being with Dad, after working so hard to get here. For me, school, as well and him just the injury, being out there with a great atmosphere and everyone being out there it was awesome.

Q. You mentioned a couple of things just now. What stands out? What do you enjoy most about this week?

TIGER WOODS: The bonding, by far, just to be able to be out there and share this with Charlie and for Joey, to share it with his son, as well. Joey has been out here for what, 35, 40 years, and to be able to show his son what it feels like to be inside the ropes, he was -- you know, he was fantastic with Charlie the three years that we've been able to play last year and for us, sharing it with our own family. It just means so much to all of us.

Q. What's the best shot you hit this week? What's your favorite?

TIGER WOODS: I can tell you a lot of my worst shots. I didn't hit many good ones. I hit maybe a couple good drives where I to needle J.T. a little bit. That was basically it. I did not putt well today and yesterday was a little scratchy.

You can tell that I need to obviously practice a little bit more, and shake off some rust.

Q. 3-iron yesterday on 18?

TIGER WOODS: I thought that was a good one, yes. That was good -- thank you, I appreciate it. The 4-iron yesterday on 14 was pretty good, as well. I got a few texts last night. Gave me some grief over 18. It was basically me rolling the clock back a little bit, and hitting one of the old ones.

Q. What did you learn about each other's game this week?


CHARLIE WOODS: I feel like I already knew what he was capable of and then yesterday, that's the best he's ever played in a while, and that kind of shocked me a little bit. That's really it.

TIGER WOODS: I used to be good. (Laughter) again, it was neat to be able to roll back the clock for him to see what I used to be capable of. I was given some grief -- anyone that knows what I used to be able to do was Bones. Bones got a big kick out of that yesterday.

Q. A year ago at this very tournament, your future, you even said it, very much in doubt. You couldn't give an idea when you might be back. You gave glimpses and the summer was better. How far have you come in a year?

TIGER WOODS: A lot. The first year, I had back surgery and last year I played with a broken leg. So this year, nothing was broken, but it was good that all the pieces are there again all lined up.

Just, again, the plantar fascitis is no fun, and now I get to truly recover and heal and progress forward on this because there's so many good things that I've been able to do physically, be able to hit the golf ball and practice and do everything in a standstill, but I haven't been able to get from point A to point B, and we're obviously going to work on this.

Q. After three years, how have you been able to adapt and adjust to the spotlight, out here once a year?

CHARLIE WOODS: I think just getting used to it. The first year -- the first year was surprising and then I just knew what to expect the next two years.

And then I just kind of -- I kind of knew what to expect.

Q. What did he tell you to expect?

CHARLIE WOODS: It's a lot of just staying in your own mind and just kind of focusing on what you're doing and nothing else. Just hole-by-hole.

TIGER WOODS: To add to that, the first year couldn't have been better for him to participate at this level because it was a COVID year. So for him to be inside the ropes the very first time during COVID, we didn't have any fans out here.

But it was the first time he got to experience it being inside the ropes at this level seeing the legends of the game hit golf balls and watch Gary Player and Lee Trevino hitting golf balls and rewind the clock and see what I grew up watching, and he got to experience that without the fans, which was a great way for him to be introduced to this and then last year was more of an introduction than today, and this week, and here we are.

Q. What is the background behind the Snoopy hat?

CHARLIE WOODS: Well, it's the hat that was in my closet and fits the best, and that's all I can say about it.

TIGER WOODS: Great answer.

Q. I'm wondering, when you look back at this year, how do you think you'll remember it?

TIGER WOODS: Well, it was a tough year but also one of the more rewarding years I've had in a while. I've had a lot of setbacks over the last few years, so to be able to have -- I don't know if as I was alluding to this summer, I don't know if I ever get back to playing St Andrews in a British Open, but to be able to experience that maybe one last time at this level was very special to me.

That was my favorite golf course in the whole world, and if that was it, that was it, to be able to possibly finish up my career there, I don't know. That's one of the reasons why I was kind of emotional because I don't know if I'll ever -- I'll play St Andrews again. I'll play Open Championships in the future but I don't know if I'll be around when it comes back there again.

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