PNC Championship

Sunday, December 18, 2022

Orlando, Florida, USA

The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club

Vijay SIngh

Qass Singh

Quick Quotes

Q. First seven holes, and then you don't have another birdie until 12 and you're 6-under to finish. How would you describe the ebb and flow?

VIJAY SINGH: We played really well the first seven holes. We made some good putts but he hit two of the best 2-irons I've ever seen him hit.

He played well. He got a little slow on the middle there but he came back. I told him we needed to birdie in from 12 on, but lucky enough I hit a good birdie on 12, and then made a great putt on 13 and the second shot on 14.

So it was flowing, and then we birdied 16. That was a nerve-wracking birdie there. He hit a good putt. I thought he was closer than that, but it was a long first putt. Got some distance.

Q. How do you feel like you performed today?

QASS SINGH: I could have performed better but we ham-and-egged really well. My dad was there every time I messed up. I always think I can do better. There's always more improvement to be done. We played great as a team and I just enjoy being out here with him.

Q. You've been coming to this championship since you were 13, and this is the 16th time -- to cross the line as champions, how fulfilling is that?

QASS SINGH: It's what we wanted. We wanted this all year, so just to have it finally is like it's almost a dream come true. It's going to be a memory I'm going to have forever

Q. You're a long-time Major Champion and in the World Golf Hall of Fame, what does this mean to you?

VIJAY SINGH: This is a highlight of my career, winning with him. He's played this tomorrow times and I want to win so bad for him, and also, I wanted to -- Alastair is watching, I got one but it's great, spending time with him.

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